ActionDash v8.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download for Android

ActionDash is an application that restricts mobile device usage for all users. It is an application that uses “Digital Wellbeing” as the platform and starts from there. This application makes it freely available to all Android users. Then provide a more in-depth experience in use and some unique features for users. At the same time, this application will be a useful tool for parents in managing usage time. Because it also has the ability to restrict access and focus mode to other users. A perfect tool for securing device use time for everyone.

ActionDash (MOD, Premium)

Focus Mode

This is one of the basic functions of this application. Its effect is to help users block annoying applications during work. Only focus on what needs to be done and will not be affected by other applications. Even social notifications will not come to users because of this app. However, some messages or incoming calls will still be processed as usual, unless the user blocks them all.

ActionDash (MOD, Premium)

App usage limit

A feature that can limit the use time, for example, if you only allow your child to use the device for 30 minutes, you will schedule it. After 30 minutes, this app will automatically shut down the selected apps and keep our kids focused on other things. Other users cannot even access this app during its operation to avoid some unnecessary actions. It will only allow users to access open applications and itself when not enabled. But if you want, you can secure this app with your fingerprint or some other form. With the security function turned on, you will still be allowed to access the application as usual.

ActionDash (MOD, Premium)

Usage Assistance

As a feature capable of statistics of time used by the device, and it will also statistically some other information added by the user. But the amount of battery used by these applications or the access times. There are many other things on the device that can be counted by it. The app will be the best tool for monitoring devices of other members.


Its name is so, but its use is very different. It is but an operating time frame of the application. You only need to set the time to use or lock within a clock time. Or a circle that limits working hours, for example, you can fill in any action on it and set the default for each day. It is a handy feature for people busy with life.

ActionDash (MOD, Premium)


This application will also own an interface designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. All functions and necessary information will be arranged in a neat way for everyone to use. At the same time, the background color of the interface can also be changed depending on the style of the user. It can even be installed as an application that runs in the background on the lock screen.

If you are a person who is always busy with his work, always wants to focus on the goal, or intends to manage the bird, this application will be a useful tool for you.

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