Activate home and student office 2010

Perhaps you need to change your Microsoft Office product key to resolve activation issues or other reasons. No matter what the reason is, changing Office product key is simple. Lost your Office product key? You can use Product Key Finder to easily recover lost Office product key from your current Office installation.

How to Change Microsoft Windows and Office Product Keys

activate home and student office 2010

You want to install Office Home and Student and “upgrade” the first 3 programs, but keep Outlook, Access, and Publisher. If that is your situation, then this tutorial is for you! It is possible to install this product suite and still keep older versions of Office products not included with “Home and Student” on your computer.

However, when you begin the installation, one of the first dialog boxes makes you Choose the installation you want. The default option is Install Now. Further down, in a smaller font, is a Customize option.

Don’t click “Install Now! Then, frustratingly, trial versions of these same products from the new version , , , etc. If you haven’t installed Home and Student yet, or need to reinstall the Office suite, keep reading.

Our experience that we’ve documented below was installing Office Home and Student on a PC that had Office Professional installed. These instructions are from our installation experience; yours may be slightly different. Step 1: Backup Outlook contacts and mail folders. Step 2: Create a Windows System Restore Point. Step 3: Insert disc and click Run Setup. To install the bit version, see this youtube video. Enter Product Key when prompted and click Continue.

Step 4: If the Product Key validates, a pop-up window displays asking if you want Microsoft to automatically activate. The box is checked by default. Decide how you want to activate and then click Next or OK. Step 5: Click to accept the Software License Terms and click Continue. Step 6: Here is the crucial step – choosing the type of installation. The setup dialog window says “Please choose your preferred type of Microsoft Office installation below” and the choices are Install Now or Upgrade and Customize.

Don’t click anything yet Go to the bottom of the screen and remove the check-mark next to Include a free trial of Microsoft Office Professional ! NOW, click Customize. Step 7a: After clicking Customize, the Custom Setup dialog window opens and displays three options shown below. If you see instead a list of products, skip to 7b below.

Remove all previous versions Keep all previous versions Remove only the following applications, with a list of the Office products installed on the computer – Option 1: Do NOT choose option 1 – Option 2: This option allows you to have two versions of the same product installed. Microsoft does not recommend this. But if you take this option, go to Step 8 next.

Click the radio button next to keep all previous versions. The installer will list all of the Office products currently installed on the PC. Clear the check boxes next to the programs that you want to keep the older program versions that aren’t being upgraded , e. Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Leave check-marks by the programs you want upgraded Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Then click Install Now. Step 7b: If you receive the Installation Options window that shows all of the Office products either on the PC or on the installation disk, make sure the trial software programs have a red X by them.

Step 8: The “Installation Progress” window appears and shows the Installation Progress bar. It may also say “Applying Updates. If not interested, click Close. Step 9: Open the program. Step Select one of the following options and then click OK: Use Recommended Settings updates, but also “offer me new optional software, and help improve Office” Install Updates only Don’t make changes Step To activate the new version, open one of the upgraded programs.

Follow the steps in the Activation Wizard and hopefully the product will activate successfully. A KeynoteSupport. It depends. If you took a Windows System Restore Point prior to the installation, you may be able to successfully return your system to the state it was in before the install and start over. If you have the Office installation disks and product key, you can uninstall the trial software see Microsoft’s brief instructions and reinstall the Office programs that got deleted A few suggestions for this process can be found here’s one.

But many users don’t have product disks because they purchased the Office suite pre-installed on their computer, or a trial version of Office Professional came with their PC which they purchased and activated. If you don’t have the product disks or even the Office software’s Product Key, you’re probably out of luck. Microsoft discusses this issue in their article, Keep earlier versions of Office programs when installing Office Currently there are three ways to install Microsoft Office programs: Install software from DVD versions , , and older – one-time fee.

Finding a version on DVD is getting scarce. See below for more information. Download software from Microsoft’s website versions , , ; a Microsoft account is required – one-time fee. Install Office always at latest version ; requires Microsoft account and Internet access to activate and manage your subscription at least every 30 days – monthly fee.

An associate purchased a copy in and we installed it on a Windows 7 computer that already had Office Professional installed. It installed with no problems and we chose to activate by phone. The user is happy even though the product was an academic version – which isn’t problematic for her. She did not try to install the suite on additional PCs, so we don’t know if the product would have activated again.

We did notice that the activation code, normally on a yellow sticker with the Microsoft logo, was on a white address label.

If you purchase online from a reputable source, please install immediately so you can return the product for a refund if it does not activate. We prefer to buy software shipped or fulfilled directly by the website, and we recommend reading the comments. We hope you have enjoyed our tutorial.

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To use Office on your new device, you can activate Office as a 1-month trial of Office Home. You can also buy Office, add Office to an existing Office Software Download. Home. Office. Office · Office for Mac This page will allow you to download and reinstall Office for the following Office ; Office for Mac This product requires a valid product activation key for download. Office for students · Office for schools · Deals for students & parents.

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Hi Peter,. I suggest you to check if the MS office is activated using the following steps: Click Start. Click All Programs, and then click Microsoft. Many of you guys might be wondering why I only write guideline about the latest version of Office (/). Is it possible to activate the older.

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