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To activate the FREE version, you do not need to re-install software. You do not have to re-scan hard drives to detect deleted partitions and files. All you have to do is to enter the registration key and continue working with the software registered in your name. You may purchase a registration active uneraser registration key from our web site or from many third-party re-sellers.

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active uneraser registration key

I just placed an order for your software via PayPal and I have not received my registration keys or access links to the software. What is the purpose of ZDelete Internet Eraser? To prevent others to access your private data you want to delete, i. ZDelete Internet Eraser is your personal security manager. Another way to create a scheduling profile is to start the ZDelete Wizard and go to Step 4. In this screen, click the Run Scheduler button.

How easy is it to access ZDelete Internet Eraser functions? ZDelete Internet Eraser can be engaged a number of different ways. Here are some other ways to run ZDelete Internet Eraser: From MS Explorer right-click a file or a drive or a selected group of files and folders. ZDelete Internet Eraser has been successfully tested with the following operating systems and file systems: Do I need special OS permissions to install and use the software?

To use software you do not need any special permissions, unless the file is located on an NTFS partition. You must have permissions to “write” to the particular file in order to destroy it you can not destroy the data if you do not have access to it. Does ZDelete Software comply with any industry standards for data removal?

For data destruction it follows the Department of Defense recommendation “Overwrite all addressable locations with a character, its complement, then a random character and verify”.

Moreover, you can specify the number of passes yourself one pass by default , thus the base operation can be repeated as many times as you need.

Is there a way to hide the ZDelete Can located on my Desktop? It is simple to change the appearance of your Desktop. In the ZDelete Wizard, clear the related checkbox in Step 5. I can not get the ZDelete Can off my Desktop. ZDelete Internet Eraser could leave something after uninstallation only in one case – if somebody tried to remove it manually, not by means of standard “Uninstall ZDelete” procedure. To uninstall ZDelete Internet Eraser go: Re-boot computer.

After that do wise uninstall. Then re-boot computer. Can ZDelete permanently eliminate the index. ZDelete Internet Eraser erases contents of index. However removing this file itself is not possible because operating system constantly uses it, so, ZDelete Internet Eraser will ask you to re-boot if standard cleanup procedure is not enough for example, in case of corrupted cache.

To clean up “index. I want to clear search history that pops up when I try to search the internet using Google or any other internet search engine. How can I do it? It is a standard Auto-Complete feature in Internet Explorer, which tries to automatically fill html forms on a web page if turned on.

After I finish using a hard drive or a floppy, how can I make sure that nothing can be restored? Follow the steps below to remove all data: Run ZDelete Internet Eraser for the documents and folders you want to destroy. Run ZDelete Disk Wiper for the floppy drive or all logical drives on a hard drive, and it cleans up all free space. Nothing from previously deleted temporary files and folders will be recoverable.

The next person to use your floppy or hard drive will see only the files and folders you leave untouched by the ZDelete Internet Eraser process. When accessing your order from a download link, you may click on the “Change E-mail” link. A charge may apply. Should you have any questions, you may contact sales lsoft. I am not able to download the software after purchasing the annual support. I click on the link “Re-Download”, and it keeps returning me to order information page for my order.

Please click this button and an email will be sent to you with your registration keys and download access link. I have previously purchased an earlier version of the software. Can I download the latest version? Yes, you may. Please use the download access link that was emailed to you when you purchased the product. Accessing this link to provide you options to get the latest edition. You may also visit our Customer Communications Center to login in with your email address.

I recently purchased the support renewal and immediately checked for an update to my product. You will automatically be given the latest edition of the software.

An email will be sent to you with new registration keys and a download access link. If you have used an e-Check payment method, it can take several days for this transaction to clear through PayPal You may wait for the transaction to clear or you may place a non e-check order through PayPal and contact us at sales lsoft.

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Feb 14, Active Uneraser Professional + Crack [MB] ~ Cybi Crack. Active Partition Recovery Key + Serial key Free Download Active Partition. In the [email protected] UNDELETE main screen, right-click the [email protected] UNDELETE node, click Copy and Paste the product registration key into the Registration Key area. Recovery; NTFS Recovery Tools; UNFORMAT; [email protected] UNERASER .

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