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Benchmark 3: You need to make that decision as it does not ship with a default profile. A long list of features can be disabled including network access and sharing, Windows Search, visual effects or Windows Defender. In addition to that, it supports advanced systemcare reddit termination of custom services and applications that you need to specify for each profile you configure.

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advanced systemcare reddit

Comments For a long time CCleaner has been the most popular system-cleaning tool for Windows, extending its reach to other platforms like macOS and Android phones. However since security giant Avast acquired it last year, it’s been a stormy ride that’s had many doubting how effective or trustworthy the tool really is. While CCleaner has certainly grown up since its “crap cleaner” days, it’s certainly gotten more bloated over the years as well.

You may recall last summer two months after being acquired by Avast , it was disclosed that the tool had been infected with Floxif malware. Nevertheless, to be fair, this has happened to many other developers, big and small. On the other hand, users had long been complaining about bundled software and popup ads appearing in the utility. Most recently, just last month, the company was forced to pull the latest update following an outcry over privacy issues and obscure tactics to keep the utility running in the background.

But does that make CCleaner a bad application that should be frowned upon? Developer Piriform retracted CCleaner’s last update due to the controversy, so if you are running v5. The developer is also promising more transparency in the next release of CCleaner, so you have better control over data and what the utility is gathering.

CCleaner Alternatives We Tested Before we get to the alternatives, it’s worth noting that there’s always the mindset that any junk file scanner is redundant with Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup tool along with the ability to manually delete unwanted data, but in our experience CCleaner-style programs make it easier to perform a system-wide file cleanup and they can be useful for freeing up storage on low capacity SSDs, for instance, where a few extra gigs can make or break the performance of your Windows installation.

Likewise, although CCleaner-esque utilities commonly have extra tools besides a file cleaner, such as the ability to manage your startup applications or uninstall software from Windows, these features are already well covered by the operating system and will be given minimal regard throughout our picks.

However, we’ve also included all-in-one style utilities for those who prefer the extra features, which aren’t always available through Windows, such as a duplicate file finder or the ability to tweak context menu items. While none of the utilities we tested have the exact same options as CCleaner, many are close by overall feature count and they have their own perks.

Our recommendations below are listed from the most to least preferred as a direct replacement to CCleaner’s junk file scanner with minimal regard to additional features, though we will mention some of those along the way. We mostly took attributes into consideration such as ease of use, interface polish and simply how well the cleaners worked compared to CCleaner. All of the software was tested on a Windows 10 virtual machine that was reset to its default state.

Combined, they found the most files out of the scanners tested. Although Wise Disk Cleaner has a built-in disk defragmenter, scanning for junk files is the core feature. If you’d prefer more of an all-in-one style utility, Wise Care has additional features while the same company has other individual tools such as a driver manager. Clean Master Found 1. Options are presented clearly and junk files are organized in a way that is familiar to the native Windows file explorer.

Although System Ninja includes a few extras such as a duplicate file finder and system specification details, it’s mostly just a barebones junk file scanner but has a better interface and found more files than Bleachbit and KCleaner.

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The u_Rogueder community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. The free version includes a privacy scanner as well as a PC booster category with optimization options similar to Advanced SystemCare (an.

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This entry has information about the startup entry named Advanced SystemCare 5 that points to the file. This program does not need to. Advanced SystemCare users are up in arms as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removes IObit’s popular system cleaning/optimization tool from.

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