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Terms of use. Last week, news broke of security woes in the Windows version of QuickTime that Apple had no intention of patching. Apple has now apple quicktime pro that it has ceased developing QuickTime for Windows and will not offer security patches for the issues. The Adobe Creative Cloud team describes the situation as follows:

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apple quicktime pro

Apple has not upgraded its pro edition past QuickTime Player 7, so even if your old computer ran Snow Leopard, the registration key is still good. All you need is the registration code you received from Apple when you first purchased the upgrade. Double-click the installation file when it has finished downloading, either at the bottom of your browser window or in your “Downloads” folder in the Finder.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install it to your Mac. Launch QuickTime Player 7 from your Utilities folder. You can find this by clicking anywhere on the desktop to access the Finder, clicking “Go” and selecting “Utilities. Select “Registration” from the QuickTime Player 7 menu. Locate your registration code in the confirmation email sent to you from Apple when you purchased the product.

Enter your name in the “Registered To” field. Enter your company name in the “Organization” field. Type your character registration code in the last field. Press the “Tab” key. The QuickTime Player logo changes to include the word “Pro” on the bottom, indicating that you have successfully registered the product. Simply find it in your Utilities folder and drag it to the Trash in the Dock. To quickly find any program or file on your Mac, hold down the “Command” key and press the space bar on your keyboard to launch Spotlight.

As you type the file name, Spotlight displays a list of choices. Select one from the list or press “Enter” to choose the highlighted option. Warning Information in this article applies to QuickTime Player 7.

It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products. References 3.

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QuickTime Player Support. All the topics, resources, and contact options you need for QuickTime Player. Get help opening a file. Get help with movie playback . QuickTime Player 7 includes built-in information about QuickTime Player 7 Open QuickTime Player 7, then choose Help > QuickTime Player Help. Join the conversation in Apple Support Communities, where you can find.

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Important: QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple. Installing QuickTime 7 or later will disable the QuickTime Pro. Your QuickTime 7 Pro registration code only works with QuickTime 7. Be sure you have downloaded and installed QuickTime Player 7 before.

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