ATOM RPG v1.20.6 APK + OBB (MOD, All Unlocked) Download for Android

ATOM RPG is a role-playing adventure game developed by ATENT GAMES LTD with an apocalyptic world setting with loneliness and desolation feels. The game’s adventure and action element is the highlight, with more than 120 locations and loads of content for players to explore. Many games often use the apocalyptic world’s context to develop worlds and storylines, offering players dangerous, lonely, and unrestricted journeys. Of course, the story is a key, as it carries players around, discovers the function, and experiences all the quintessence that the game offers. ATOM ensures players will enjoy all elements of every other apocalyptic role-playing game, with realism and vivid 3D graphics for a great experience.


ATOM RPG has massive and dense gameplay; even players will need a minimum of 60 hours to explore all its functions and greatness. That makes the game seem endless and helps players enjoy all the quintessence of an open-world role-playing adventure game. In a ruined world of ATOM, players will have to go everywhere, complete the storyline, fight various enemies, trade, build, and survive. What stands out most is that the game’s combat mechanics are doped from many elements, making it more fun and engaging than ever. Besides, a multi-choice dialogue element will be mentioned, showing the immersive nature of first-generation games.

ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***


ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***

The world of ATOM is developed in an open-world format, with more than 120 locations scattered across the map and countless hidden rewards. The game’s plot will lead players to large locations with high population densities and remarkable development. Even so, along the way, the player may accidentally discover small locations, explore and clear them to get more rewards for the trip. Besides, some special locations can be spotted on the map, but the player is limited to the level of important factors to enter inside.

ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***


ATOM’s combat mechanism is a perfect combination of real-time and turn-based, where players will have to build strategies, use items, and depend on luck to win. The player can enter combat whenever it is detected or directly head-on, but the player can still stealthily move and stealth-kill enemies. Moreover, the game’s interface is designed for fine-tuning, showing the style of previous generation turn-based games. Not only fighting, but the player can interact with almost everything in the environment, investigating and analyzing all the debris to find items.


The resources and equipment of the game seem to be endless. Even the game has more than 150 weapons, not to mention other equipment such as armor or support equipment. With a wide variety of weapons, players will have hundreds of different strategies for survival. However, for long-range weapons, the player needs to have the corresponding ammunition, and the amount to carry will be limited because of the weight. Arranging bags is also a great challenge for players, as they have to equip weapons, items, and necessities or quest items.

ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***


The quest system is the most important ATOM element since each residential area will have its quest system related to the current life and other town issues. Players can view quests as the main source of revenue or improve their reputation; even many quests can be repeated endlessly to receive many miscellaneous rewards. Quest is divided into several categories, even a chain quest system, and players have to go everywhere to complete its objective to progress with the main storyline.

ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***


The character development system features post-apocalyptic adventure games, allowing players to develop their unique survival and fighting style. Character-specific skills are divided into categories and specialties, allowing players to become experts in any field devoted to the locals. Also, players can master one or more weapons, such as melee, small weapons, and heavy weapons. Besides, players will receive a special perk at every level, greatly improving their combat performance or survival.

ATOM RPG (MOD, Unlocked) ***

ATOM is an open-world role-playing adventure game featuring vast and varied gameplay, accompanied by a dramatic and fierce storyline to show human life in a world in ruins. Its systems are also featured, such as character systems, weapons, quests, and interaction with the environment, to make gameplay richer than ever. ATOM also uses vivid 3D graphics, with the ability to build detailed environments and characters, allowing players to have better vision and ability to observe enemies and their equipment. All ATOM content is top-notch, ensuring players have the best immersive experiences, even giving them a new concept with a post-apocalyptic game.