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First Look: Image courtesy of Autodesk. AutoCAD for Mac brings a host of improvements and new features for Mac users, including an enhanced user interface, better macOS support, improved printing settings, Touch Bar support and more. Designed to save users autocad for mac 2018 hassle of reconfiguring their workspace, this tool also grants fine-grained control of exactly which settings to import.

AutoCAD for Mac 2018.2 Full Version

autocad for mac 2018

Click View Details to select which files and settings you want to migrate. Palettes Palettes can be docked or floating. Docked palettes are organized using tabs. Auto-hide can be turned on for docked palettes to increase your drawing area. The palette title bars remain visible and if you have multiple docked palettes, there is a title bar for each tab. Mouse over the title bar for the palette you want to show, and the palette automatically expands.

Floating palettes can be resized and moved to a second screen to save valuable screen space. The tool sets and command line palettes are fixed and can’t be floating. Project Manager and Materials Browser can’t be docked.

Command Alias Editor Command aliases are shortened command names that can be entered at the Command prompt as an alternative to the standard full command name and are stored in a program parameter PGP file. Previously, the command aliases were edited using a text editor, but a new tab has been added to the Customize dialog making it easy to edit, add, and remove command aliases. Touch Bar Support for the Apple touch bar has been added. Press fn to revert to the standard F1-F12 function keys.

Plot and Page Setup The Plot dialog box contains the following updates: When the geometry and an SHX font are a close enough match to pass the recognition threshold that you specify, the geometry is converted into multiline text objects. External Reference Paths The default path type for external references is now set to Relative.

Additional capabilities include the following: When you fix the path for a missing external reference, you can now apply the same path for other missing reference files.

When you save the host drawing in a new location, you are prompted to update the relative paths for the external references. You can attach references with Relative Path type in unnamed files. Some degradation of drawing precision might occur. This precision loss is usually insignificant and it occurs mainly in 3D objects. When saving files back to previous versions of an AutoCAD DWG format, certain data may be ignored and will not be accessible by earlier versions of the software.

Miscellaneous Updates A new Command filter drop-down is available in the Customize dialog CUI command allowing you to show just the custom commands. Objects that are moved off screen during selection remain in the selection set.

Icons have been updated for a clean, modern look. Some examples: Related Concepts.


We’re excited for you to get to know AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac. Read on to find out about updates to existing. CAD software to design anything—now with time-saving specialized toolsets, web and mobile apps. AutoCAD® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. Award-winning architecture.

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The version fixed compatibility issues with macOS Mojave. It also improves overall stability of the product. This is a full AutoCAD installation with. System requirements for AutoCAD for Mac Operating System Apple® macOS® Mojave v (requires Update ); High Sierra v or later; Apple.

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