AutoResponder for Instagram v2.1.5 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

AutoResponder for Instagram is an application that helps you automatically reply to messages from partners, customers, and friends. This is considered a necessary and valuable tool for busy users or businesses on the Instagram platform. The application works automatically under the control and customization of the user from message content, response time. Regardless of the incoming message, it is received and responded to without any errors.

AutoResponder for Instagram AutoResponder for Instagram


We provide users with an auto-reply to incoming messages, which is especially useful when the number of incoming messages is too large and similar content. This was the motive when we created AutoResponder for Instagram; first of all, users can create specific content for the application to update and store. Not only one content, but you are allowed to add many different messages by keyword to help it easily identify the message to respond accordingly.


Usually, users will set up a general welcome message for any customer, briefly introducing the store or business. This helps customers know a bit about the store to avoid frequently repeated questions such as store address, phone number, items on sale, etc. It is such automatic messages that help you connect with customers. Connect with customers faster.


After that, you can automatically send messages containing content in each specific field for customers to choose from and continue to provide information automatically. After the welcome message, you can make different choices for each individual message. If customers want to ask for one of your suggestions, they can choose directly in the message. Once again, automated messages containing important information for customers are displayed.


Besides, you can automatically set the message content for customers; you can set the time you want to reply. Specifically, users can customize how many minutes or seconds after the customer message arrives, they will respond. The convenience of AutoResponder for Instagram will help your business save a large amount of money in hiring a phone operator to answer customer messages. At the same time, it saves time for the store as well as customer questions that need to be answered.