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Afficher l’avis original Avid’s Pro Tools 9 is the latest version of the industry standard music production software. It’s got some game changing features in it when compared to avid pro tools 9 versions of the software, including the ability to run it with third party audio interfaces and as a standalone piece of software without any interface at all. You do need to have the serial number and information from your audio interface to run it however, so it’s not like you can have no avid pro tools 9 at all. You can download it straight from Avid’s site or get a boxed version. You’ll need an iLok to run it with as well.

Today’s Pro Tools 12.2 Release Has New Plug-ins, New Plans, and a New Lower Price

avid pro tools 9

Published January By Sam Inglis For the first time ever, Avid have made the full Pro Tools feature set available on native systems — and you don’t even need one of their interfaces to run it! It’s official. Hell has frozen over. Avid, for so long the most insular manufacturer in the business, were embracing openness. And that wasn’t all. You could point to several milestones along that path. Meanwhile, at the high end, there was the transition from Pro Tools Mix to Pro Tools HD, and the introduction of the hugely powerful Icon control surfaces.

Its strengths in audio recording, mixing and editing have been enhanced, while Avid have worked hard to make it competitive in areas such as MIDI sequencing, where it was previously less able than rival DAWs. These have, no doubt, helped to make the program more appealing to newcomers, but above all, it’s the dominance of Pro Tools in professional recording and mixing circles that has fuelled its desirability further down the ladder.

The restriction of having to use Avid’s own hardware was also becoming acute. No, me neither. After all, Avid were the company who used to demand an extra 20 dollars just so we could bounce an MP3 file. As before, those who have an HD system get all the features. For anyone running Pro Tools on HD hardware, changes are relatively few. As well as getting ASIO and Core Audio support plus full delay compensation, users can record up to 32 simultaneous inputs on 96 mono or stereo tracks, employ up to mixer buses, and use the timecode ruler and the full multitrack version of Beat Detective.

And, as previously mentioned, the Complete Production Toolkit 2 unlocks the full HD feature set, giving you surround mixing, VCA groups and advanced automation among other joys.

LE, are not included, and are only available as separate products. Mac OS In look and feel, Pro Tools 9 is exactly like version 8, and it’s not until you investigate hidden corners of the Playback Engine and Hardware Setup dialogues that the new features become apparent.

The only major one that is actually new, rather than inherited from HD8, is the one most responsible for the current chilly temperature in Hades: The sight we thought we’d never see: Where an Avid interface such as the Mbox is connected, Pro Tools chooses it by default, and appears to work exactly as Pro Tools 8 did. On the Mac, these include an aggregate driver that is created automatically when Pro Tools 8 is installed. You don’t have to do too much mucking about with ASIO devices to realise that Pro Tools’ support is not yet as elegant as that of most rivals.

Pro Tools also seems unable to dictate sample-rate changes to hardware, so I had to quit and make them in the control panel instead. Unlike most interfaces, its control panel still allows you to change the buffer size even when it’s in use by another application.

Up to 32 inputs are supported in the basic Pro Tools 9. In general, however, it was stable enough to use and never fell over during recording, though it was not as reliable as Cubase is on my system. I had less time to test things on the Mac, but encountered no problems in that period. If you care about this, Cubase, Sonar and most other DAWs let you enter an offset value in samples, and will automatically slip your recordings by this amount when placing them on the timeline.

Pro Tools currently doesn’t. In Pro Tools, by contrast, track arming and input monitoring are the same thing. Unless, that is, you mute the track to which you’re recording, or lower its fader — in which case you’ll have to remember to unmute it on playback, then mute it again for the next take, and so on. I’ve been whingeing about this in Pro Tools reviews ever since the launch of the original Mbox in , and in the context of Pro Tools 9 it’s probably now my number one gripe.

I’m not quite sure how this piece of received wisdom became so entrenched. Avid have duly obliged, and Pro Tools 9 now features the delay compensation engine that was previously available only in HD. To be used as inserts in the mixer, hardware effects have to be attached to the same numbered inputs and outputs, and if you want their delays compensated for, you have to calculate them manually — there’s no automated ‘pinging’ for delays as you find in some other DAWs.

At the time of writing, the latest version of the UAD2 software 5. All of the Elastic Audio modes compromised the sound to an unacceptable extent, especially on floor toms. Beat Detective in action. Here, I’ve just analysed the Snare track and hit ‘Add Unique’ to combine its triggers with those generated from the Kick track.

For more advanced video work, though, you’ll want to add the Complete Production Toolkit 2, which enables HD features such as multiple up to 64! The benefits of working in this way may seem subtle at first, but can be substantial in practice. The blue lines show the resulting composite automation graph for each track.

Again, most of these features were introduced or updated in Pro Tools HD 7. Also included as standard are the more powerful version of the Digibase browser, complete with Catalogs, and the Export Session as Text option.

All In All Pro Tools 9 is an unusual update, in that nearly all of its ‘new’ features aren’t new at all. Admittedly, support for ASIO and Core Audio is a deal that’s about as big as they come, but apart from that, almost everything was already there in HD. In practice, this is not an issue unless you need to use large sample libraries, but it probably needs to happen soon.

The upgrade to Pro Tools 9 is not cheap, but it is surely worth it: The same is not likely to be true of HD users, though. Avid’s pricing positions it squarely in the DAW pack: But it’s already very usable with the right interfaces, and this is such an important and central issue that I’m sure Avid and other manufacturers will be working to improve it. In other respects, Pro Tools 9 is remarkably free of bugs and teething troubles, because so much of its functionality has already been tried and tested in the HD world.

Having used Pro Tools 9, I’m no longer sceptical about Avid’s new corporate openness. In fact, it’s exciting to speculate about where it might lead next. VST and Audio Units support?

The release of an open RTAS software development kit? Macro support? Full session compatibility with other DAWs? Now you can do it all in one go. Select New Track, and Pro Tools will not only ask you what sort of track you want to create, but automatically assign an unused bus to it, and rename that bus into the bargain. And, of course, the usual Pro Tools shortcuts apply, so holding down Alt will route all tracks or sends to the new track, and Shift-Alt will route all outputs or sends on selected tracks.

Easy peasy. Harder to evaluate, but probably more important in the scheme of things, is support for the EuCon protocol. This, as far as Pro Tools users are concerned, is the first fruit of Avid’s purchase of Euphonix, and adds welcome new possibilities for hardware control of Pro Tools.

I’m sure it won’t be long before there is more choice. At long last, it’s now possible to select different panning laws in Pro Tools or ‘pan depths’ as the manual calls them. More specialist improvements include support, in HD and the Complete Production Toolkit 2, for the newish 7.


HD Native: If using HD Native hardware, please download the Avid DO NOT install any version of Pro Tools 9 if you do not have an iLok with. Sticky: Pro Tools 9 Technical FAQ – Solutions to common problems. DigiTechSupt. PM by DigiTechSupt · Go to last post · 2, 94, . Lightbulb.

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Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud, from . For the first time ever, Avid have made the full Pro Tools feature set available on native systems — and you don’t even need one of their interfaces to run it!.

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