Benime v6.6 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

An application that helps you create a video with straightforward but equally attractive effects is Benime. This effect is to write on the whiteboard and is completely common in specific video genres. When using this application, you will get functions with a straightforward usage and interface. At the same time, there will be many features that you will love and use to make your videos more engaging.


Writing on the whiteboard is no longer a strange effect for many people, and users can find it on many different videos with information-focused content. Although they also provide certain information, they do not make the viewer feel bored because of their effects. So you will be able to create a similar effect using Benime application with specific functions.

Benime – Whiteboard animation creator Benime – Whiteboard animation creator

You will do it step by step for this application, and each step is not too difficult to understand. The first element that users need to do is prepare specific content that they want to convey. Specifically, you will use the information you have available and copied into the application to a certain extent. Then, you will choose colors and fonts in the application’s library to find the elements that match each other and are convenient for the viewer’s observation.


One factor that you will need to know is that you will not be adjusting the writing-on-the-whiteboard effect yourself. When you’re done with the text, you’ll tap the preview to see how your content appears when a hand writes continuously. At the same time, Benime also gives you a certain number of different types of handwriting depending on the user’s preferences. But most users love adding more impressive effects or images.

You can add clip art with absolutely stunning effects to your content to make it more exciting and funny for your viewers. Things you can add include clip art, GIFs, or your favorite images related to the content you are presenting. At the same time, you will also adjust the appearance of these elements via an adjustment bar, and you will undoubtedly need to adapt their appearance entirely carefully.

Benime – Whiteboard animation creator Benime – Whiteboard animation creator

Besides the above factors, you should also not forget to add some songs that you love and are suitable for the content you want to introduce. Most of them will make your content more unique and attract the attention of viewers. Also, a piece of content is often quite long, so don’t overlook the effects that you can use to transition from one content to another, similar to using a slide. It can be said that you will take the time to complete your work.


You will quickly get used to the functions that this application brings, so using the application will make your study or work more convenient. In addition, after you have finished your products, you will need some time to export them to file. Like other video editing apps, this one allows you to export your video in 1080p, and then you can review your exported product or share it on other platforms.