Bistro Heroes v3.8.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God Mode) Download

If you are a lover of RPG games and want to explore an utterly fascinating world, you will certainly not ignore the game Bistro Heroes with a cute world opening before your eyes. At the same time, you will still work with your heroes to complete missions and defeat various enemies to progress in the game. In addition, new events and skins are waiting for you to experience.


Players will be able to experience a fantasy world with entirely beautifully designed and cute characters that they will love. Surely you will want to experience what goes on inside this game, looking for other more interesting characters. At the same time, the story begins with two rather tired walking heroes named Coq au Vin and Ayran. Coq au Vin prepared to fall on this long road during his journey until they met at a restaurant.

The restaurant they encountered was located on the street where many people could come and buy. Also, after talking to the owner of the shop, this eatery will become yours. In other words, the heroes would cooperate with the diner by providing it with ingredients. The diner’s job is to make these dishes with different recipes and sell them to passersby that you can see during the game.


During playing Bistro Heroes, you will receive many different materials for yourself, and these materials ultimately appear in difficult battles with other monsters. At the same time, gradually, you will open up different recipes to make more profit from this trade. Although your work in this game may seem like a lot, you will not ignore any interesting details and join the journey with the two heroes.

The first material gathering is also a tutorial to help you understand the game’s mechanics, and you will have easy access to these controls because of their simplicity. Specifically, you will swipe the screen in the direction you want the character to move. Your job is left to make sure these heroes are entirely safe and defeat the monsters in the match. After the match ends, you will also receive the corresponding reward and return to the main screen of the diner.

All attacks in the battle are entirely automatic, and you only need to observe the enemy’s attack to use the skill correctly. The two heroes will have two unique skills: one support skill and one vast area attack skill. Specifically, you can make your heroes invincible for a certain amount of time despite taking damage from enemies. At the same time, you will fire multiple attacks to take down various enemies.


As you begin to experience the different levels, there will be many things that you need to do, and one of them is the tasks that you need to complete. It can be seen as something that helps you know what you need to do in the game and gradually get used to it. In addition, when you complete what is required, you will receive various rewards in this game, such as resources to use in the game or ingredients to cook or create objects.

You will participate in different battles with the heroes you own and try to defeat your enemies. These matches are challenging as you will need to move your character accurately and prioritize essential goals. In addition, because of the automatic combat, the characters in this game will need to have impressive stats to spend a lot of time discovering and powering up for them.


The stat upgrade mechanism inside Bistro Heroes has some changes compared to the RPG games you’ve ever experienced. Specifically, the first upgrade you can find is the Upgrades section of the game. In this section, there will be many items that you will use your money to upgrade, and it has different effects that you can choose from. You will be able to upgrade the attack or health of the heroes you own or increase the mana regeneration rate used to enter the match.

The next mechanic to be discussed will give you an experience with the upgrade, that is, the furniture you can find inside this game. You can read information about these items and fully realize the related stats they add to heroes. At the same time, most of the upgrades are for heroes, so you won’t need to worry about choosing the heroes you need to prioritize.