Blockman Go: Blocky Mods – MODDROID

The game “Minecraft” is a very famous game all over the world that has collected a lot of interest from players around the world. The game has millions of players worldwide and has earned a massive amount of revenue. Even the YouTube king, Pewdiepie, has a separate series on this game and has tens of millions of views on his channel. There is no denying the success of this game, but this game does not have its inherent success when it comes to the mobile market. Perhaps it is because users will have to spend some money to own this game similar to the PC version or the console. So users will often find another game with related parts.

Please introduce to you a game somewhat similar to “Minecraft” of the mobile version “Blockman GO” produced by Blockman Go Studio. This is a publisher not too familiar with the gaming community, but this does not mean that their products are not of high quality. The proof of this is that this game, is a game with extremely high-quality, from features, gameplay, graphics, and effects. All will give players a great experience as possible and give users great gaming moments.


The gameplay of the game is somewhat similar when compared to “Minecraft”, users will experience a thrilling and exciting survival feeling. Players will come to a vast open-world to be able to do anything that they like. The gameplay of the game is not fixed, but the player will be the one who chooses the style of the game, so the player will be much freer. Players will have two choices that are to make adventures to explore the almost infinite map of the game, or players can build a kingdom of their own. Players will be started without anything but can only search for materials to be able to use them to develop their village. Beginning the game, when the player does not have anything, can only build simple structures. But when the user has played long enough, it is entirely possible to build huge palaces themselves that can be used as a fortress in battle. During this process, the player will be subject to the onslaught of many other monsters in the game. Players will have the duty to defend all that they have built if they do not want to be destroyed by monsters. But to get the weapons, the player will have to use the materials that he has found to create weapons with different powers.



This is the feature that is appreciated by many players of this game and also the feature that has attracted many players around the world. The game gives players a lot more experience than other games. Because mini-games will have a different way of playing for players to experience. Players will no longer feel bored when having to play a single game forever. Modes such as


This is the mode where players will be free to destroy each other, and the last person alive will be the winner. Initially, the player will be coming to an area of ​​chests containing different equipment such as armor, swords, armor … The player will randomly select and use the weapons. This gas to fight with others. A match will only take a few minutes, and the person who kills the most will be the winner.

Sky War

This mode will love the player to be extremely careful because the combat environment will be aerial. Players will move up to meet their opponents and destroy them. The player will encounter many different opponents when you were getting higher if the player is not close enough to use the sword, use the bow to destroy the opponent. Similar to Survival, the player who survives will be the winner.

Customizing Characters

Players can use the costumes provided by the game to equip their characters. From the style to the facial features such as eyes, mouth, scars … Players will be able to do a lot of things, and the game will provide players with countless different costumes to use for their character.


“Blockman GO” has a 3D graphics format built in the same Block style as “Minecraft”, giving users a familiar feeling in a strange game title.