Blood Strike v7.3.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is aimed at players who like shooting and minimalism; instead of long and complicated storylines, this game has a new direction.

Shooting games are also divided into many genres, not just a mere shooter. Most of them have one thing in common; there are complex storylines and equally complex gameplay; players need to do many things to complete the game. But for the game Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is an exception when its gameplay is much more straightforward than what the player has ever known. Everything in the game is simplified to the maximum extent to feel the simplicity as possible. With a unique style, players will surely get a great experience when choosing a game to experience.

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Simple graphic style

If players have ever experienced shooting games, they have a realistic graphic style for players to experience. The players can see them bring great experiences of the brutal battlefield for you to feel. But this game is similar to the simple lines on a blank page only. The player can see its simplicity through each character design move in the game. Characters in the game are designed with the man sticker style, a trendy market style. The simplicity of the game is not what will make the game less attractive, but also the attraction of this game. With a simple graphic style, players can play games with a mid-range or low-range device to experience the game. So it is not strange that the game has attracted a lot of attention from players with many different objects coming to experience the game.

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Simple gameplay

Combined with a simple graphic style, players will have straightforward gameplay for players to get acquainted with quickly. Players will move left or right in a scrolling style and attack the enemies that appear on the screen. If a monster appears from the left side of the screen, then press the shoot button on the left and do the same thing on the right to attack the enemy. If the player is the first time to the game, it does not take too long to get used to the game. With only those simple steps, the player can play the game as a pro player. But there are times when the number of enemies is too large; the player cannot do anything but take advantage of large-sized containers to hide. Players need to take advantage of the appropriate moment to attack them and complete stages.

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Weapon variety

Although this game has quite a lot of differences compared to other shooting games, there is still a common point: the weapon system. The weapon system of the game is extremely diverse, and players can unlock and use it. Weapons in the game are extremely diverse, with many special weapons such as shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and many more for you to use. Each weapon has different properties for use in combat. Besides, the game also has an exciting feature that is the level to become more powerful. Players can upgrade to ammo, upgrade to increase damage, and do many other things. All of them give players new powers to fight.