Blue Light Filter v12.12 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked) Download

Is it possible that with the impact of today’s modern technology equipment, you always have trouble sleeping? But really the cause is where and how to fix them will be like, let “Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)” answer for you. With thousands of hours of different research by scientists and advanced equipment, this app maker has figured out the underlying causes. Thanks to this, the development of an application platform that could address these problems began quickly. The result of that research effort is also a wonderful application called Twilight – Blue Light Filter. This application will help users to solve most troubles of sleep in the most scientific way!

Twilight ? Blue light filter for better sleep (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***

The cause of frequent insomnia is clearly answered

So what is the cause given by this application for the aforementioned difficulties and how is the explanation given? Recent scientific studies have shown that we often use mobile devices, tablets before falling asleep every night. Since then a frequent occurrence to show us that blue light emanating from the phone screen will lead to circadian rhythm problems in humans. Therefore, it is very difficult for people to fall asleep at night after using the phone. But how clearly modern science will explain this? The main reason comes from a receptor in the human eye, Melanopsin, which has been found to be very sensitive to blue light. Especially narrow blue light in the 460-480nm range comes from the phone screen. This will prevent melatonin production – a hormone that affects people’s sleep.

Twilight ? Blue light filter for better sleep (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***

Excellent light intensity customization

From all of the basic to complex causes outlined above, what would be the way to go about solving this problem? Let Twilight – Blue Light Filter answer the user with the best possible solution! The most important thing that the application gives you will be the ability to adjust the phone screen light in accordance with the time of day. Because the hypothesis shows that, at different times and times of day, the quality of light and the environment will be different. Along with that is the ability to absorb light coming from human eyes will also be extremely different at times. Thanks to this feature, the application will automatically calculate and give you the most standard screen light quality compared to the eye.

Twilight ? Blue light filter for better sleep (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***

Used based on location, real-time

In addition, the application will also work very well on a clear scientific basis. The above-mentioned light quality filters are also not outside of scientific studies. This feature will help users filter out different blue light rays that can harm the eyes. In particular, this feature will be promoted very well from sunset onwards. The filters of Twilight – Blue Light Filter will be played in real-time where you are located. The app will use the ability to locate and provide the best links to sunrise and sunset times. So, you will be assured that this feature will be automatically adjusted smoothly by the application and will not cause any negative effects or annoyances for users.

Twilight ? Blue light filter for better sleep (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***

Other interesting features

Moreover, the application will also especially support other features to increase user satisfaction to the maximum. First of all, it is the “Bed reading” feature that is integrated into the application. This feature will be able to help give users the right light for reading at night before bed. In particular, this feature will be able to help users adjust the backlight in the most suitable way instead of the basic customizations that are commonly supported in mobile devices. Thereby, your eyes will be assured the highest safety when you need to read before bed.

Besides, the application also shows the ability to meet the needs of the user is very good. With the development of technology today, it is natural for phone screens to own AMOLED screens. But the downside of these monitors is that they are relatively numerous and especially they will break down quickly if not used properly. But with Twilight – Blue Light Filter, the application has been developed to suit this type of display. So the reality is that when using this app your AMOLED screen is also significantly increased longevity. Then don’t even quickly install and protect your eyes, sleep with this app!