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BS Player Pro 2. Player 2. Its performance is very good, because its easy to use and result of most recent and the considerable highlights. In this player you can see anything you want audio, video, motion picture which you want to see in your computer. This media player is includes high number of library, so you can play any bs player registration code of format of audio video file, for example.

BS.Player 2.72 Build 1082 + Keys

bs player registration code

BS Player Pro 2. Player Pro 2. OR BS. Player PRO 2. OR What’s new in BS. The BS. Player has always been easy to use and as technically perfect as possible. You have proven that the above statements are true. It also uses the processor and RAM very efficiently, and even those with slightly less capable computers can still enjoy quality video playback and perfect sound.

Which file formats does it support? Playlists support: The playlists support is great. Display subtitles: Beside the basic functions such as font type and size selection, the program supports many others: Bad subtitle timings can be fixed within the program itself with simple keyboard shortcuts.

Player can display two external subtitles. You can select position of both subtitles and enjoy dual subtitles in two different languages with your favourite movie. Player also supports displaying subtitles in. All multimedia files on your computer’s hard drive will now be listed in the BS. From now on they will always be within your reach. Multilingual BS.

Player is an international product, targeted to all and any user worldwide. With its multilingual subtitle support and full multilingual menu it is greatly helpful to those who are not native speakers of English language. Resizable movie window: Want to experience the cinema feeling in the comfort of your home? Here are the instructions: A full-screen movie is only a click away.

Are you looking for a way to avoid the timely multimedia file opening? Player enables you to drag and drop your file your file from any location on your computer to BS. Player can play any multimedia file – even if its being archived in multiple volumes as rar. Now, there is no need to unrar your multimedia files everytime you want to see them, simply right click on the first file of the rar archive usually filename.

Player’ and let your favourite multimedia player do the rest! Player will even properly display subtitles from double rared Vobsubs! Resolution changing: Use the resolution changing feature and avoid the oversized picture if you wish to watch your movie on your TV screen, projector or plasma screen. The feature will adjust the TV resolution and optimize the quality of movie reproduction. Fully skinnable: Though the BS. Player proudly bears a modern look that sets new standards in this field, we have added an easy skin selection option and the option of adding your own custom skins.

You may create your own dream look or choose from the many pre-prepared ones found at our SKIN section. Capture frame from video and save it to jpeg image: Would you like to keep a photo of your favourite movie scene? Use the Frame capture feature to do that easily. Now it depends on you alone whether the picture will find its way to your wall as well. You can take screenshots in jpg or bmp formats and define their filename format. AVI files with more than 2 audio streams supported: This feature supports the use of two or more audio stream channels.

AVI files with more than two channels, i. Player thus offers you the choice of the laguage of your playback. This means that also the subtitles, embedded in the file itself can be played.

Do you wish to merge your favourite music with your favourite video? Next to the normal movie playback you can now load an external audio file and enjoy a secondary audio along with your movie. This feature offers the playback of background music, even though a movie is already being played in your BS. The feature enables the digital AC3 file output with an intervideo audio reader.

The settings for the pre-installed modules such as Winamp and Equalizer can be found here. This means that the audio reproduced by the BSPlayer is the original unconverted sound. INI files: Using an INI file you can set all the movie parameters of your choise. Player will play them just the way you set them.

Do you want to watch your movie full-screen with white subtitle text? No need to adjust the settings each time, your favourite setting will be saved in the INI file. Custom playback modes Repeat All, RepeatRandom: Player offers different playback modes, such as hidden mode and VMR Display videos directly on your Desktop: Displays video file on your desktop, and watch it plays while you work! Command line support: Advanced users who wish to make the playback of multimedia content easier and customize your player, will appreciate feature of command line commands and program control options through our new Command line.

Pan scan and custom pan-scan option: Watching a The Pan-scan feature enables you to watch your movie without the edges.

By using the custom pan-scan you can set the pan of your choice. Custom aspect ratios: While playing your video, you can choose from the standard aspect ratios, such as 4: Playlist support: Add your favourite files to playlists of your choice; the playback is only a mouse click away.

What’s New in Version 2. November 26th, -fixed problem with ‘jumpy’ frames in full screen mode on some hardware -fixed playback of some broken mp3 files -fixed playback of 24 bit FLAC files -fixed problem with madVR renderer -some other small fixes.

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Player it will ask you for registration. code given below. You got PRO for lifetime. Download BS Player Click Here. You can download BSplayer PRO at user page: User – BS. Enter your user name and registration code exactly as you see it here (in email).

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BS Player Pro enables you to watch anything (Videos, movies or any other video) which you want on your computer. BS Player Pro Crack Ever since the very beginning in the year , the BS. Player has been one of the world’s most popular multimedia.

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