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burn cds from ipod

This document explains how to use various features of the iPod and the iTunes software. Adding music to the iPod You must use iTunes software to put music onto the iPod. Before you can add music to the iPod, you need to add music to the iTunes library.

For instructions on adding music to iTunes, refer to Adding music to the iTunes library. If the hard disk drive is damaged or restored and you do not have a backup of your audio files, you will lose any music you purchased and will need to rebuild your library.

The synchronization between the iPod and the PC is always one way: You cannot synchronize back to the PC from the iPod. Therefore, the iPod should not be used as permanent storage. Adding music to the iTunes library You can add music to your iTunes library in several ways, including downloading songs from the iTunes Music Store , adding music from your PC , and adding music from a CD.

By default, iTunes is configured to transfer music to iPod automatically. For instructions on ways to set iTunes to transfer music to the iPod, refer to Configuring the way iTunes transfers music to iPod. Depending on how iTunes is set, use one of the following: Shopping Cart items remain in your cart until you are ready to purchase and download them by clicking Shopping Cart in the Source list.

Remove an item by clicking Shopping Cart in the Source list, then click Remove next to the item you do not want to purchase. After the shopping list is complete, click the Buy Now button at the bottom-right corner of the cart to purchase the items.

To set the purchasing option: Click Edit and then click Preferences. Adding music files from the PC to the iTunes Library To download audio files from a source other than iTunes, the files must be in an iTunes-compatible format. To move music files that are compatible with iTunes, do the following: Open iTunes.

Select Library from the iTunes Source list. Go to the location where the audio files are stored on your PC. Select the audio file icon and drag and drop it into the iTunes window. To move multiple files at the same time, press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting and dragging files. Change the Importing Setting to match the bit rate of the file you are importing. With regard to the stereo bit rate, for higher audio quality, the higher the mono or stereo kilobits per second kbps and the larger the file size.

To change the audio Importing Setting in iTunes: From iTunes, click Edit, and then select Preferences. Click the Importing tab. Select an encoder name from the Import Using drop-down menu that matches the file type that you are importing. Select the quality setting from the Setting drop-down menu that most closely matches the bit rate of the file that you are importing.

Once the songs are added to the iTunes library, you can add them to the iPod or to a playlist. Insert a music CD into your PC.

Close any other music programs that may open automatically. Make sure that the songs you want to transfer are checked and the songs that you don’t want to transfer are unchecked. Click the Import button in the upper-right corner of the iTunes window.

Configuring the way iTunes transfers music to the iPod iTunes transfers music to the iPod in one of three ways: Automatically update all songs and playlists: When you connect the iPod, it is automatically updated to match the songs in the iTunes library. Any songs on the iPod that are not also in your iTunes library are deleted.

Automatically update selected playlists: When you connect the iPod, it is automatically updated to match the songs in playlists you select in iTunes. Manually update the iPod: When you connect the iPod, a listing for the iPod appears in iTunes. Use the features of iTunes to transfer music to your iPod. Automatically transferring all songs from iTunes to the iPod By default, the iPod is set to update automatically with all songs and playlists from your iTunes library when you connect it to your PC.

This is the simplest way to transfer music to your the iPod. You just connect the iPod to your PC, let it add songs from your iTunes library automatically, then disconnect it and go. While music is being transferred from your iTunes library to your iPod, the iTunes status window shows progress, and the iPod icon in the Source list flashes red. When the transfer is complete, a message in iTunes says iPod update is complete. If there is more music in your iTunes library than can fit on the iPod, a dialog appears asking if you want iTunes to choose which songs to transfer.

You can also set iTunes to let you update the iPod manually, so you can drag individual songs to the iPod and delete individual songs from the iPod. See Manually transferring songs from iTunes to the iPod for more information on manually transferring songs from iTunes to the iPod.

Automatically transferring selected playlists from iTunes to the iPod To set iTunes to automatically transfer selected playlists to the iPod, do the following: Open iTunes and select iPod in the Source list. Then click the Options button. Select Automatically update selected playlists only. Select the playlists you would like iTunes to automatically update and click OK. Manually transferring songs from iTunes to the iPod You may want to manually transfer your iPod music library to prevent automatic erasing of existing content.

To manually transfer songs from iTunes to the iPod, do the following: Connect the iPod to your PC. Click the Options button. Select Manually manage songs and playlists and click OK. Drag the song or playlist to the iPod icon in the Source list to copy individual songs and playlists from iTunes to the iPod.

You cannot transfer songs from the iPod library to your iTunes Library, but the iPod can be used as a hard disk drive to transfer music files from one PC to another. Organizing music using iTunes playlists iTunes has two options for organizing your music, playlists and Smart Playlists.

Both playlists and Smart Playlists can be transferred to the iPod. Creating iTunes playlists Playlists are lists of songs that can be used to play back music in the order that you want to listen.

Playlists can also be used to better organize your iTunes library or burn CD tracks in the order that you want. To create a playlist in iTunes, do the following: An untitled playlist is displayed in the Source list. Type a name for the playlist. Drag songs from the library or other playlists into the new playlist. You can create as many playlists as you like using any of the songs in your iTunes music library.

Creating iTunes Smart Playlists Smart playlists are playlists that are automatically updated as music files are added, deleted, or modified from your library.

For example, a smart Playlist may contain all songs in your library that have the highest rating. To create a Smart Playlist in iTunes, do the following: Click File, and then click New Smart Playlist. The Smart Playlist window opens. Select the conditions for songs to be added to the Smart Playlist and click OK.

Any songs from your library that match the criteria you choose are automatically added to the playlist. If you select Live Updating, all songs you add to the iTunes library in the future that match the criteria are automatically added to the Smart Playlist. Deleting iTunes playlists To delete an iTunes playlist, do the following: Select the playlist you wish to delete from iTunes. Press the Delete key to remove the playlist. The actual music files will not be deleted. If a dialog box appears, click Yes.

Close any other disc recording software that may open. Select the playlist you want to copy to CD. Select and drag the songs into the order you want. Click the Burn Disc button in the upper right to create the music CD. If needed, click the Eject button in iTunes.

Removing songs from the iPod This section applies if iTunes is configured for manual transferring of songs to the iPod. If iTunes is configured to automatically transfer songs to the iPod, you can simply remove the unwanted songs from the iTunes library and then connect the iPod to your PC.

This will overwrite the songs on the iPod with the songs from the iTunes library. To manually remove songs from iPod, do the following: Connect the iPod to your PC and open iTunes. Select iPod in the iTunes Source list. Select the song s you want to delete from the iPod.

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