CamScanner Premium v6.3.0.2110240000 APK + MOD (Licensed Unlocked) Download

CamScanner Premium that many users use and appreciate in helping to scan many different types of documents with just simple operations.

CamScanner is an entirely famous application for scanning documents and sharing them on different platforms convenient for work and study. With just a few operations, users have easily got a corresponding PDF or JPEG file and complete quality. At the same time, the application also adds some features such as e-signatures or scanning many different types of documents. It is a tool that everyone needs.


Users come to CamScanner because of a unique feature: they can convert the content of paper documents to PDF and JPEG files and share it with those they feel necessary. From there, they will not need to retype the content contained in the document, and the scanning operation is also done straightforwardly. So, any user who knows a lot about technology or not can easily use the scanning features of the application.

When you start the application, you will see a button to take a photo with a camera icon that users can easily see. The feature similar to taking pictures appears, and you also see the corresponding shooting modes. So you need to choose the shooting mode that’s right for your document. You will capture it, and the application will immediately identify the border of the page quickly. If you agree with the application’s definition of printed documents, then continue with your scan.

After you have done the identification process, the user will continue choosing the right color for the image to look like the scanned text. Once you have made your selection, you will export the image to PDF and JPEG files, respectively, depending on your needs. Although the application has features suitable for document identification, you can also manually adjust the definition limit. You also choose the right shooting angle for the application to scan.


Besides the ability to scan, users can also read certain types of formats with CamScanner. You should be able to read them clearly and add in some essentials. Specifically, you’ll be able to add specific notes to the text you’re reading. In other words, some essential elements can appear in the document for easy sharing. This feature will be entirely suitable for those who are working from home during the stressful epidemic situation.

You won’t have to go out looking for a scanner to export your printed documents to PDF or JPEG with just a single application. At the same time, you can also edit the text, especially for documents that need your signature; the application also helps you add quickly. You can add the corresponding stamp and signature during text editing and forward it to the object you want to send. These two features complement each other.


An interesting feature when you upgrade the version of CamScanner is that you can choose your shooting mode to turn into book-scanning mode. This scanning feature is as simple as the name implies that you will be able to capture a book page clearly and when scanning and editing with the app, you can change the two pages of the converted book into two pages separating in the file. From there, you will be able to scan the entire book with complete ease.

In addition to this feature, you will be able to use the content contained in any printed document for your target. You will be able to convert the paper contents you capture and convert it into TXT format. With this format, you are free to edit what you want, and of course, it is perfectly suitable for many purposes. Especially with old file templates still in use, you also don’t need to retype them but use this feature.


After you have completed the scanning process with CamScanner, the application will allow you to choose the platform to share, and of course, those are cloud services. At the same time, it is also stored in the application to make it easy for users to find and continue to use in many different cases. You can identify these files by the image, but it is best to change their name before exporting and storing them. You should avoid making file names too long and difficult to manage if the number is significant.

As for the cloud service, you can share the files you have on different platforms, and indeed, the most popular platform for many people is Google Drive. If you upgrade to a higher version, the app gives you an additional 10GB of cloud storage. You can use it without worrying about various problems. For example, the platforms, when accessing the application’s cloud service, are entirely synchronized.