Camtasia studio version 7

It’s expensive, though, and for this reason misses out on an award. Advertisement http: Whether you want to create a tutorial showing others how to achieve a certain task or you simply want to demonstrate something, Camtasia makes the job simple. When you camtasia studio version 7 the software, a small toolbar sits on your desktop showing basic settings and a record button.

Review: Camtasia Studio 8 raises the bar on interactive video creation

camtasia studio version 7

Release Date: Oct 24, Made lower volume levels more distinguishable on the timeline audio waveform Arrow keys now scroll the playhead instead of the timeline Tooltips now show for locked media Improved ability to scroll the timeline while playing Added ability to specify duration when extending a frame Adding ripple moving and trimming of media on the timeline Inserting space on the timeline by holding shift and dragging the playhead Added option to include under video captions in a variety of outputs Improved audio editing for timeline selections Keyframes now automatically fit in available space when added to media Improved messaging when uploading media to private or password protected folder on Screencast.

Jun 27, Added support for small screen quizzing displays Fixed an issue causing an artificial line on the right edge of the video in preview and production Fixed an issue that did not allow adding key frames to media under a transition Changing project information should now mark the project as modified Black bars should no longer show on top and bottom in PPT recordings New callouts should no longer have a fade in when the last transition had it turned off It should now be possible to disable quizzing when the controller is disabled in the production wizard Fixed a crash when opening projects from a network location Markers on a media under a transition should now be included in a produced table of contents Fixed a crash when adding a video with large dimensions to the timeline Fixed various issues interfering with Camtasia running on Windows 8 Additional bug fixing Version 8.

Oct 13, General Added the ability to have your content searchable when produced and uploaded to Screencast. Jul 6, General: Fixed an issue that would cause the silent uninstall option to hang at the point of uninstalling the Library Fixed an issue that would cause an Error: Fixed an issue with the background color selected during production not showing up properly in the produced output Fixed an issue that would cause different results in Voice Narration from audio track 1 to audio track 2 Fixed an issue with shorter duration recordings with the same name that could cause a corrupt.

Fixed an issue that would cause the incorrect help topic to be displayed for the hotkeys and program options in the Tools window Fixed an issue that would cause Camtasia Recorder to crash when stopping a recording Fixed an issue that would cause a Resource Allocation Failed message Fixed an issue that would cause an Audio file open failed message when ending a recording Version 7.

Mar 31, General: Added support for some Windows 7 features Updated tool tips and messages within the application with more informative information Camtasia Studio: Added the Library and included some Library assets provided by DigitalJuice Added Cursor Effects Added some new callout shapes Added the ability to rotate callouts to any angle Added Keystroke Callouts Updated the workflow when producing to Screencast.

Made some UI adjustments to help indicate camera and microphone states Improved the recording efficiency to achieve higher frame rates Added a program task bar item while Recorder is recording Improved the post recording work flow to make it easier to edit a recording Fixed an issue with.

Apr 16, Please refer to this page for a list of what’s new in version 5 Version 5. Jan 24, Fixed a production crash that could occur at the end of production when producing to SWF with MP3 audio in version 5.

Version 5. Jan 9, Please refer to this page for a list of what’s new in version 5. Oct 10, Please refer to this page for a list of what’s new in version 5 Version 4. Jul 19, Fixed a crash during the initialization of the Screencast. Improved detection of sound cards capable of recording speaker audio. Fixed an issue where side-by-side PIP may stop playing unexpectedly. Fixed a timeline update issue which could cause project corruption when transitions were used on the timeline.

Version 4. Oct 18, Please refer to the What’s New page for details of what has been updated Version 3.


Screen Recorder and. Camtasia makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac. Record anything on your computer screen–websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations. To install a previous version of our software, visit the Download Center. Free: (U.S. & Canada Only); Hours: AM to

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Camtasia Studio is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor for Windows PC. It is a simple to use application that allows you to record and create. The Camtasia Studio demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential restrictions compared with the full version.

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