Clipvue Video Maker v3.5.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Clipvue Video Maker is an application that helps you edit videos, with each feature having a layer for users. So you won’t have too many problems because editing videos and quickly adding other elements make the content unique. All elements that you add are freely adjustable by the relevant features, including the extended team in which it appears. Surely it will be a valuable tool for you to create impressive products.

Video Editor with Song Clipvue


In Clipvue Video Maker, users will be able to take media that appear in your library and combine them into a complete video with diverse content. Of course, the application is also full of features from effects, transitions, subtitles, or even audio for users to use. Although not taking advantage of the multi-layer feature, each feature in the application uses a separate layer. So you won’t get crowded with elements added to the video.

The first feature that any user will love is cutting and merging videos. Users often do this to have stable content before moving on to other features. So you have the freedom to cut the video into multiple parts to adjust or combine the images easily. In addition, the application also supports you in converting video to mp3 if its sound is impressive.

Video Editor with Song Clipvue Video Editor with Song Clipvue


Once you’ve edited videos with Clipvue Video Maker, you won’t be able to make them only with the content you’ve prepared but need to add impressive effects. So when using the app, users will find transitions that make it easier to introduce content. It works similar to the filter in image editing applications when you will find a list. Your job is to surf and pick the right things. From there, the effect will be applied immediately.

Besides effects, subtitles are a good thing to appear in videos because it makes it easier for users to follow the content with the video or explain a specific element. So, you need to select the function and touch the screen, the import will appear, and you need to enter the content in the designated area. From there, at the bottom, there will be a corresponding dialog box for you to adjust its characteristics. You are also free to choose where in the video and how long it will appear on layers.

Once you have texts, it is impossible to ignore the audio parts you feel are necessary. You will access the multi music section to select songs provided by the application and downloaded by you. At the same time, there is also a feature to remove the original audio; that is a must to add different songs to the video. In addition, you can also apply your own recorded sound through the voiceover feature and suitable for those who want to take advantage of dubbing.


After you finish the video with Clipvue Video Maker, you will use it for various purposes, such as archiving the video and helping your product to keep the quality. At the same time, the application supports different ratios and formats for users to choose from depending on the platform they share freely. If you have a favorite video that doesn’t match the video’s aspect ratio, you can also use the background feature to turn black areas into a blur with a blur section and many other elements.