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There are many reasons why players are always interested in RPG and similar variations. They are diverse in gameplay and features, and always bring players to fiction but beautiful lands. Not only that, but games easily convey meanings and stimulate people’s imagination to a new level thanks to the way of constructing the environment and the world within them. If you want to experience an RPG with new gameplay mechanics, Code Atma may be a good choice. Furthermore, the game is also incorporated into Indonesia’s spiritual culture, enriching the world, and improving its experience with fantasy elements.

Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) *** Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) ***


Code Atma uses some Indonesian culture to develop the content and the inner world, but it has fascinating and entertaining gameplay for players to enjoy. The gameplay is a perfect combination of RPGs, even combined with Idle elements to optimize the player’s fighting ability. In this game, players will build a fighting team called Atma individuals, and each of them possesses a separate power to fight monsters. What’s even more interesting is that the game applies visual novel elements to convey the content and inner developments of all characters in the plot. Also, the combat system incorporates a variety of genres, such as turn-based, real-time tactics, and even Idle for players to keep Atma fighting while away or offline.


Atma is the name of the playable characters that the player can collect during the journey in the game. The player’s war can be considered endless, as stronger enemies will constantly appear, causing the player to adapt and upgrade the Atma to fight them. The training and upgrading mechanism of the Atma is simple, but the player must collect the necessary materials for each Atma. Materials can be found by defeating monsters, completing quests, and participating in events or mini-games. Interestingly, each Atma’s power can be improved over time through battles and killing monsters. So the Idle mechanism would be an ideal thing for their strength to increase significantly.

Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) *** Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) ***


Compared to other RPG games, Code Atma possesses a unique and diverse combat mechanism, even giving players many things to entertain. A player’s battle formation has a maximum of six units, and each unit will have an element attached, making the lineup’s attack variety. Therefore, the player must arrange the team appropriately, followed by developing strategies effectively where each character can interact with teammates’ tactics skills. The combat mechanics are real-time, and players can continuously interact with the squad using simple gestures, like taps, swipe, and drag. Each individual will also have a separate skill set, and players need to meet the minimum requirements to activate them or prepare for the next wave of attacks.


While the gameplay of Code Atma may be endless, it has an engaging storyline for players to enjoy. The game will use visual novel elements to make the plot more vivid and have characters designed as detailed, beautiful, and impressive as possible. The game will depict the horror elements of Indonesian culture in great detail, even combined with sounds to improve the player’s experience. The plot is divided into several chapters, and the game will update with new chapters after the update. The plot is not only for entertainment, but will also guide players on how to use all the functions of the game and effective combat instructions.

Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) *** Code Atma (MOD, Damage/Defense) ***


Code Atma has dramatic and engaging gameplay, as well as its captive storyline, but the game’s events and challenges are at the heart of it. The game will continuously bring players new events and challenges every week, as their rewards are attractive, even classified into many levels depending on the player’s achievements. As for the challenge, it is a special form of training, and the player must fight a variety of monsters upgraded by the game. Their rewards are normal but can be repeated, and help the player find the materials needed to upgrade the Atmas of their collection. Also, players will have the opportunity to receive new Atma, with unparalleled strength, beautiful appearance, and exclusivity in each event.

You can see Code Atma as a new variant of the RPG genre and even incorporates the Idle mechanic so you can collect ingredients and train Atmas while they’re offline. Besides, the game has many impressive activities, and constantly entices players to stay with the game longer, even providing them with many attractive services if they complete the tasks excellently. If you are looking for an RPG with horror elements and perfect visuals, this game will be the most suitable choice.