Data Usage Monitor v1.17.1892 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Data Usage Monitor is a name that users are favoring because of the utilities it brings. It can be said that today, for those who use smart devices, using the network is indispensable. That is also the reason why publisher Lufesu Inc released this application. An application that controls the player’s mobile data precisely. Users will be able to manage their network data and use it appropriately. A lot of features are waiting for users to learn.

Data Usage Monitor Data Usage Monitor


It can be said that what applications on smart devices bring is convenience and easy to understand. That is also the goal that Data Usage Monitor brings to users. Create an app with an interface that’s both clean and easy to understand. Make sure all users can understand and join the application easily. The application with the main color tone is blue, bringing a pleasant feeling to the user. Statistical parameters and shown in the application are also very detailed and clear. This makes it easy for users to manage data usage.


Track the numbers and intelligently adjust your usage. The application is divided into many separate sections that are very scientific and have a certain order. Each section will represent a separate content that the application wants to convey to the user. For example, the total amount the user has used in the whole will be. There will also be separate statistics for each application used in the device. When monitoring, if the data usage in any application is too large, users can adjust it. Through that, users will also know how to balance data in the applications they use.


What users want in this application is to control the data in their devices. It’s great that this is the great function of Data Usage Monitor. The amount of data will be statistics quickly and efficiently through the application’s algorithms. The exact figures will then be given. In addition, when the user uses excessive data, the application will have an alert function. A user-friendly application that provides information in a regular and correct manner. The app does not include obnoxious and time-consuming ads. Always improve and upgrade many new functions for users to experience. When using this application, users will no longer have to wonder how much data they have used.


Suppose you want the applications in your device to work quickly and actively. Data Usage Monitor users need a plan in terms of data control. If the data usage limit is exceeded, the operations in the device will be delayed. At the same time, the user’s work will also be less efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the amount of data that you have used. Not only used for mobile networks for wifi, but this application will also have an SSID function to arrange. The application will separate mobile and wifi data and statistics by column for easy use by users.

What are you waiting for without immediately using Data Usage Monitor? An application that integrates many cool and interesting features for you to manage data and plan for smart device use.