Delicious World v1.29.2 MOD APK (Money Multiplier) Download for Android

Delicious World is the most suitable cooking simulation game for children and helps to increase their thinking ability.

Do you dream of becoming the chef king? From simple ingredients to create a delicious dish for everyone to enjoy. Everything is encapsulated in Delicious World – Cooking Restaurant Game, which is the latest cooking simulation game that many players love in recent times. In the process of participating in the game, players will be accompanied and explored with Emily, who is on the way to her dream of becoming a master chef. Join the challenge with her to help her get closer to her dream.


Cooking games are created with content suitable for young children to help develop their thinking. Delicious World – is a perfect example for those who have a passion for becoming a great chef. In this game, players are free to participate in many attractive games to succeed on the way to becoming professional chefs worldwide. Here, the player is accompanied by Emily, an aspiring young chef who wants to build a luxurious restaurant.

Not only cooking, but Emily also has to serve attentively to customers and manage her own restaurant. A story is revolving around the world filled with the freshest ingredients. As a chef, you have to make your own dishes from spices and mix some of your love into the dishes to create a dish filled with the most beloved.


To be a good chef, the player must be a person with a deep understanding of the culinary world. From there, creating great dishes for diners to enjoy. There are times when the game will give challenges from simple ingredients that force the player to create a dish that meets the chef’s process. However, try to make delicious food with a beautiful appearance that will make your shop more popular. Delicious World also lets players learn more world-class recipes from all over the world for customers to enjoy right at your store. Let your creativity come up with various delicious dishes and add new items to your store’s menu.


Besides being a cook in the kitchen, you serve various customers from A to Z. Therefore, when doing everything in the store alone, players should prepare a lot of psychology and food in accordance with the requirements of customers. On top of that, cook, serve and learn new recipes as you keep diners happy as they enjoy your food. Besides, players should combine many different ingredients in the busy kitchen to serve customers before leaving hungry. In Delicious World, if your dish is on the shelf for too long, they will automatically leave.


After days of hard work, this is the best time for players to travel worldwide to experience new things. Delicious World brings players to participate in many famous events about the hidden reality around the world that help you learn many different experiences to improve your cooking skills. Besides, you should also regularly refurbish your restaurant with many beautiful accessories and upgrade kitchen appliances. After doing this process, your restaurant will become the most famous in the city.