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Welcome to the farm chain in Merge Town: Design Farm, where you can enjoy and fulfill your dreams. This is a game in the style of a new farm with a huge scale and a very methodical construction investment. Based on your own initiatives, please contribute to build an exciting life and enjoy many attractions in this colorful town. Be yourself, become an actual owner of this big farm.

Merge Town : Design Farm Merge Town : Design Farm


The happy and stable town in terms of economy suddenly collapsed in the blink of an eye due to a raging storm. There is only a pile of ruins, and people probably don’t have enough money to recover from the storm. After the story of her grandfather, Karina – the famous designer, decided to return to her hometown, to the place of her birth, to revive the town’s prosperity. A wholly correct and expected decision.

But this is facing many difficulties in the immediate future because people here do not really trust it, need huge capital, and not enough human resources. Thanks to his grandfather and the help of brothers and sisters, after many difficulties, the farm was completed and initially made a strong impression. Let the farm Merge Town: Design Farm make a living for the people of the whole town.


Players will be transformed into the small owner Karina and take over her own farm. All work is done under our management; let’s use our inherent intelligence to raise the farm. Each task set requires us to find the most accurate way to handle it. Performing the task, we can increase the amount of money and improve our management capacity.

Match two similar items on the board to complete the given task. Each level in Merge Town: Design Farm will show a new feature, and we need to absorb and apply them in a significant way. After being lucky to get to a new level, at that time, you will receive more land and build your own farm, receive many valuable rewards along with thousands of treasure chests.


In Merge Town: Design Farm, players will be able to choose their own perspectives. Maybe you will be a manager and give orders for people to do or can do together to understand them better. There are many levels, and you should be alert to receive your own task and perform it most smoothly.

Receive valuable gifts and exchange them for items that meet our needs. It can be exchanged for money and buy support equipment or buy seeds for the next planting period. Using realistic images combined with unique sounds has made the game more attractive.

Thereby, Merge Town: Design Farm has shown many new features and is increasingly scored in players’ eyes. Not only update the perfect version, but the game also incorporates more unique features. Show yourself as a talented manager and build a breakthrough farm.