Dojo Fight Club v0.7.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download

Dojo Fight Club is an entertaining fighting game with a new concept and style to expand the player’s exploration of this particular gameplay. Moreover, it allows people to build dojos with multiple areas or wide variety, thereby building a school with many students. Players can also compete with real players through thrilling matches to win many rich and high-value rewards.

Dojo Fight Club-PvP Battle


Every player entering the world of Dojo Fight Club must begin building their dojo, but many challenges or problems arise from there. The first thing players need to do is worship the master, learn from the best, and start showing off all the accumulated skills over the years. Then, they have to participate in matches continuously, receive many bonuses, and use them to upgrade the dojo over time.

The player’s dojo can grow to be surprisingly spacious, including many impressive functional buildings to diversify the overall gameplay. Moreover, they also open up new possibilities, giving players more impressive discoveries to upgrade and improve the quality of the dojo. In the future, players can become a master, thereby passing on martial arts to train talents in the martial arts world.

Dojo Fight Club-PvP Battle


If the player wants to go into battle after accumulating enough knowledge or technique, the game will introduce a challenge mode to choose whoever they want to fight freely. Both sides decide the rewards for the matches as part of the betting, but the rewards will vary depending on the game mode. Furthermore, players can explore other game modes to enhance the potential for confrontation in many separate elements.

Dojo Fight Club-PvP Battle

The game will also introduce a smooth and flexible control system, combined with a special perspective for players to have the best combat performance. Depending on the type of martial arts, the player must combine all moves or actions to create combos or techniques typical of the sect. The martial arts system in the game is diverse and rich, always creating many surprises for players to enjoy the match to the fullest.

Dojo Fight Club-PvP Battle


Dojo Fight Club’s tournaments are where players shine and build their careers by winning and presenting themselves as best they can. Based on their rank from the tournaments, they will receive corresponding rewards, such as fame, currency, and special skins. The content of the tournaments is always rich and entertaining, promising players many opportunities to express themselves in the world of martial arts.


A player’s dojo can hold many students at once, so Dojo Fight Club will introduce a system of management and customization for each individual. Players can change their training or martial arts through it, but the most prominent is the splendid costume system. Depending on the skin design, some hidden effects can activate and significantly improve the player’s combat performance against different types of enemies.

Dojo Fight Club-PvP Battle

The entertainment and humor of Dojo Fight Club will give players many new concepts for the fighting genre, even building their reputation through that element. On top of that, players can manage and expand a dream dojo, where they receive countless students and live in the flourishing world of martial arts.