Download Battlelands Royale MOD APK v2.9.4 (High Damage) for Android

Battlelands Royale (MOD, High Damage) will have its own way with casual shooters by playing from above and fresh graphics.

You often feel dizzy when playing shooting games for a long time and this affects your results. So let Battlelands Royale help you. Come to this game players will experience a new, unique way. So that is how the game looks and how it has interesting features, all will be right below, invite you to refer.

Battlelands Royale (MOD, High Damage)

Player’s mission

When participating in this game, players will have to try to find weapons that are distributed everywhere, run and fight with their enemies. And the first step a player needs to do is to find the items they need based on the available maps. The fight with the enemy will become fiercer when the running is shrinking. Yes, the safe area on the map is constantly shrinking, so you have to move to the safe area immediately if you do not want to die of poison gas. Be careful because there are so many opponents waiting for you to move to knock you down.

Battlelands Royale (MOD, High Damage)

View from the top-down

This is one of the attractive features of Battlelands Royale compared to other traditional games. If the pre-game version of the game is only allowed to play in the first or third view, this can cause dizziness and fatigue for gamers. With Battlelands Royale you will experience a unique and new play. This is a top-down view, which has a lot of advantages for the player. You will easily control the game and give the best attack tactics. Not only does it bring comfort to the game, but it also overcomes the limitations of traditional games.

Battlelands Royale (MOD, High Damage)

Conquer narrow arena

Your battleground will always change, and as it gets narrowed you will face many challenges, now you need to use every effective way to fight the remaining opponents to win. Each match will have a duration of 3-5 minutes, and you must battle with the remaining 23 opponents, so although there is some pressure on the time but the player can still play with a happy and comfortable mind. Exploring rare weapons. Follow the map you have available and start the quest to find rare weapons to strengthen your strength; there will be many mysterious weapons waiting for you to discover.

The amount of weapons in the game is varied; you can find yourself rifles or pistols everywhere. Even so, do not forget the equipment you need such as armour, grenades, helmets…In the game, there will be barrels of gasoline, and they will explode when a concentrated fire on it and there are some weak shields will be easily destroyed by a few bullets. It is a useful strategy for you to reach the top.

Battlelands Royale (MOD, High Damage)

Play with your friends

Just like most games, playing with friends in a game is fun. Not only to play with friends but also to get new friends from all over the world. With 3D graphics, sound, live images and unique gameplay, the unique Battlelands Royale MOD always brings a lot of interesting experience for players. In particular, creating humorous character makes the war is not too stressful and players can easily play with ease and easiness. If you are interested in this unique game, so please click the link below to discover and enjoy the most fun moments and do not forget to introduce your friends to play offline.