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It is a survival game where a young boy is wandering in a scary jungle to look out for his lost sister. Now your main task is to safe the little boy from different deadly obstacles that come his way as he is on a mission to find her sister. The boy is depicted as silhouette and as download game limbo background theme is also dark the only thing that you can see clearly is his white and bright eyes. Just like download game limbo all 2D games you can make the little boy to download game limbo forward as well as backwards. You can also make him jump upwards as well as downwards.

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download game limbo

November 15, at 9: Google Play Do you remember the Limbo game? Thanks to the strong support from the players, LIMBO has become a great icon for the indie game genre in the world and has grown to this day. Although the name is not famous, the game has made the name of Playdead, brought great revenue for this developer. It has been around for a long time, but the title Limbo will be even more talkative when Playdead recently released this super-product on the mobile platform, providing the complete experience for players.

Right now, you can enjoy Limbo, without having to shop for an internet store or sit on a computer desk. He is homeless; he has no family, so he lives and begs to beg with his sister.

One day, he woke up in a strange place where there was only darkness and despair. When death is approaching, he realizes that there is no one beside him. Not letting go of his fate, he decides to find his sister for no circumstances.

In the darkness, following the faint flashes of light, he began his journey in a desolate land. Will determination to escape his dead land to survive and find his sister to be realized? The game is a masterpiece The beginning when you start the game. A thin boy appears, with bright eyes looking and becomes the main character to your shoulder. The game does not have any instructions for you, so what you know is just an endless journey.

In the process of moving, you will encounter many barriers to obstruction. Use the function keys that the system provides for swinging, climbing, push, pull objects to bypass them and continue your journey. However, you will have to overcome many dangerous areas, where there are scary creatures such as wolves, crows, giant spiders, snakes … They are ready to take your life if you Can not escape from them. Also, pitfalls also appear along the way to your road, such as lakes, deep holes, abyss, etc.

Then, look for useful objects around to overcome them. But the game will not suggest you, anyone, so you have to look closely and think to handle the situation quickly. Maybe you will lose a lot of your life in this journey, but do not give up, keep up the spirit and overcome all challenges. At the same time, this scene also creates a world full of horror, when combined with the scary sound like cricket, footsteps, breathing in the night.

Occasionally, you also feel scared by the sudden death of the boy. Download and experience this game to find the answers: Where is the world? Why was he brought here? And where is your sister? To answer questions asked by the network community offline!

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Limbo is a 2D platform puzzle game, originally released on Xbox Live. Now you can play it on your PC via Limbo, you control a boy on a journey. Limbo is a puzzle platform video game and the premiere title of independent Danish game developer Playdead Limbo is a 2D sidescroller incorporating a.

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Download Limbo APK for any Android phone. Limbo Game download for Android APK + OBB + Data direct download for Android official. download last version of LIMBO Apk Full + Data for android And And “ Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”.

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