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With multiple template options and an intuitive interface, this program lets you direct all of your energy into creating and not into fumbling through complicated menu options. Pros Template variety: No matter what kind of design you’re download sketchup pro to create, you’ll likely find just the right template download sketchup pro this program. Additionally, each type of template lets you choose the system of measurement you’d like to use and on what scale. Help options:

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download sketchup pro

Our Recommendation Does exactly what it says on the tin! Click the button to download your free 30 day trial of the desktop version of SketchUp Pro. This means that after 5 years you will start paying more for the SketchUp Pro when using the subscription, than the SketchUp Pro Classic license.

You need to decide which of these payment options is more viable for you and ultimately if you are content to pay more for SketchUp Pro in the long term by opting for the subscription. Whilst not promoted on the SketchUp website, the student license of SketchUp Pro Classic is still available to purchase. Due to the competitive prices of the student licenses, we highly recommend that all students give serious consideration to the purchase of student licenses and also the upgrade from the student license to the SketchUp Pro Classic license.

Contact us if you have any questions. VAT for one license. Learn more here. Can I use SketchUp Make to take your courses? Yes, you can use the free version of SketchUp to take our courses. However, SketchUp Pro includes an application called LayOut, which allows you to seamlessly print to scale, therefore if you are using SketchUp Make to take our courses, some of the modules in course 6 Presenting Your Plans to Scale, will not be applicable to you.

It is still possible to print to scale using SketchUp Make, and we show you how in both the Windows and Mac version. If you decide to buy SketchUp Pro in the future, you will still be able to view the video tutorials in course 6 that are specific to LayOut, as access to our courses is unlimited.

Don’t forget that when you download SketchUp for the first time, you are automatically given access to SketchUp Pro for 30 days. Can you extend the 30 day trial version of SketchUp Pro?

Unfortunately we cannot extend trial periods, however the SketchUp Hub has secured exclusive discounts with a SketchUp authorised reseller, for the purchase of SketchUp Pro, please read more here. I use a Mac, am I still able to take your online courses? Yes, all of our online SketchUp courses are delivered using the Windows version of SketchUp, however, due to very few differences between the Windows and Mac version, it is still possible for Mac users to follow along.

We have addressed differences in the Mac layout, where appropriate, with simple on-screen instructions, downloadable PDFs, or specific video tutorials. All of our courses have unlimited access, regardless as to whether they are free or paid. Is the SketchUp Hub compatible with an iPad? Yes, all of our HD video tutorials are compatible with mobiles and iPads.

How long does it take to complete the Bundle course? This very much depends on your other commitments, both professional and personal, however, it is possible to complete the entire Bundle in 4 weeks. We have provided a free Learning Schedule to help keep you focused, so that you stay on track to complete the Bundle in 4 weeks.

What happens if I need help after I’ve purchased a course? We offer all students 2 hours email support, which expires 14 days after purchase. Use this support to get additional help when navigating the online learning platform, or to request assistance when learning SketchUp specific to the course that you have purchased. Contact us!

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Do you like tinkering around with new software? Make your ideas come to life. Download a free trial of SketchUp, a premier 3D modelign software today!. SketchUp Pro is the most intuitive way to design, document, and communicate your ideas in 3D. Download a free trial and begin creating 3D models online.

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For the English version of SketchUp Pro (bit) for Windows, we have a MSI available for download. Please note that we don’t offer technical support on. If you’ve purchased a SketchUp subscription your authorization is managed by your subscription and by.

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