Download Toy Blast MOD APK v9111 (Money/Lives) for Android

“Peak” is a game development company and is known for its exciting puzzle games. Currently, they have released 3 games on Google Play including Toy Blast, Toon Blast, and Lost Jewel. In which Toy Blast is the game that received the most attention from the players. This game belongs to the puzzle genre, tells about Amy’s adventure – a smart kid who loves toys and has a dream of owning a large collection of toys. However, Amy often drops toys everywhere and the player’s mission is to help her collect them. So, what’s more, outstanding about this game? Let’s find out some features and find the answer!

The game is simple but has a strange attraction.

Toy Blast is a very popular puzzle game on mobile. However, its gameplay is a bit different from match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga or Gardenscapes. In Toy Blast, instead of swapping the positions of blocks on the grid, the player will connect two or more blocks of the same color blocks on the grid to remove them. You may feel that the gameplay seems simple, but in order to pass each level, you must achieve certain goals, for example gaining 8,000 points, or collecting 100 red blocks. You are only provided with a limited number of moves, so use your observation ability to connect more blocks. If you complete your mission and still have a lot of moves, the game will turn your moves into bomb blocks of TNT, detonate them and help you break more blocks.

Create special items to remove more blocks

Toy Blast allows players to create special items and make the screen more interesting. When you join multiple blocks, you will be provided with items such as propellers, bomb TNT, colorful Rubik blocks … These items are capable of erasing many blocks of color after you activate. For example, the propeller can remove blocks that are in a row or a column with it, bomb TNT can remove 4 blocks near it, or Rubik can remove all blocks of the same color. At higher levels, players need to think and observe carefully to create these items on the grid. Because the higher the level, the harder the task is and the lower the number of moves. An optimal play strategy is needed.

Toy Blast possesses a simple graphic, including colorful blocks, lovely toys and the main character Amy is extremely naughty. Sound is also very interesting, there is background music that brings a melodious, sweet feeling that makes the player can relax in a moment. In addition, the game also has explosive effects, and emits light when players remove blocks, creating a sense of excitement, more excitement!

Toy Blast allows players to connect to social network accounts and experience rankings. Here, you can keep track of your friends’ progress, and fight with them on the rankings. With each level, the score you gain will be compared with friends, and this score can be re-set if you reach a new higher score. In your free time, you can send your challenge to your friends and entertain them. That’s great, isn’t it!

New puzzle, avoid repeat status

Toy Blast is trying to bring new things to the players and not make them feel bored because the puzzles are repeated. There is always some change at each level. For example, putting in new shaped blocks and cute toys, changing quests at each level, providing special items, reducing the number of moves, … So far, Toy Blast has There are more than 1000 levels for players to explore. New events and levels are also updated regularly, giving players more challenges. If the player is a light-hearted game lover or loves to conquer difficult puzzles, Toy Blast is a good choice. The game is released for free and players can download it right here.