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Jan 23, Some of you may have dr fone login my article recently dr fone login how to recover lost or deleted text messages on an Android device. In that article, I used Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android to illustrate how simple it is to keep your SMS and other data secure, even if it’s been accidentally deleted. Wondershare has just offered us five free license keys for the full version of Dr.

Review: Dr. Fone brings iPhone files back from the dead

dr fone login

Have you ever had your smartphone malfunction, brought it to customer service to have it fixed, and paid a whole lot of money just have it break again a couple weeks later? Hi, my name is Victor Corda. I also had to learn various ways to fix the problems I caused in the first place.

Learning how to resurrect a smartphone from the dead has become a natural thing for me. The process of doing this is quite tedious and requires a lot of research. For this dr. I hoped dr. To evaluate the quality of their customer support team, I even sent them an email.

You can read more below. We wrote it up based on our own hands-on tests. The dr. What is dr. The program was developed by Wondershare and originally named Data Recovery for iTunes. Around , the company changed the name of this product and gave it a more branded name: Since then, dr. The latest, version 8, is capable of backing and retrieving data from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Who Should Get It? The core function of dr. Meanwhile, the toolkit also includes a few other tools to backup your device, transfer WhatsApp data, record screen activities, wipe out the device before recycling, etc. In this sense, dr. Is dr. Yes, it is. We tested both dr. Regarding the navigation within the program, dr. For example, the Data Recovery module off of your device or iTunes backups first, then displays all found files.

After that, users have the option to extract that data to a PC or Mac folder. But it does offer a trial version that has certain limitations demonstration purposes. Before we wrote this review, we discovered that many people on the Internet had claimed dr. In our opinion, this is not true: In our tests, we found dr. Do not purchase the full versions unless you know what they offer. Does dr. Hands-on Testings Fair disclosure: Test 1: Recovering data from an iPhone with dr.

My teammate was unable to directly test the first sub-mode because his iPhone 5 was lost during a trip to Disneyland. Nevertheless, I referenced findings from PCWorld below.

At that time, the program only had two modules. Yes, but not in a perfect way. For my missing contacts, it recovered the names and contact photos, but not the phone numbers associated with them, which was the most important part. Another insight from the PCWorld article was that the content of recovered data was not intact. Recovering iPhone data from iTunes backup file This mode is more like an iTunes backup extractor.

On my MacBook Pro, dr. One small issue: The bug was probably associated with the iTunes app or dr. In less than a minute, dr. As you can see, there were photos, app photos, 33 app videos, 68 messages, contacts, call history. As you can see, dr.

Once you sign in, the program verifies your account information. Wondershare understands that users may hesitate to give out their Apple ID information, so they disclaim that they never keep records of any Apple account information or content during your recovery and that you can visit their privacy policy page for more information. The program did find a few iCloud backups. Test 2: Recovering data from an iPad with dr. I used an iPad 4 16GB for this test.

Once I connected my iPad 4 to my Mac, I opened up dr. The program detected my iPad without any issues, as you can see in the screenshot below. The process took about seven minutes to complete. At first glance, I was happy to see all the photos dr. There were of them, as you see from the screenshot. Those pictures are my favorite memories from a wonderful visit to Stanford University at Palo Alto.

I opened the folder containing those recovered photos…looking good! However, I noticed there was an issue regarding the file size. As you can see from the screenshot below pay attention to the Size volume , the size of those saved images were all less than KB — which definitely looks weird, because the actual size of a photo taken on my iPad is a few Megabytes MBs.

Clearly, the quality of recovered photos is NOT the same as the originals. Also, I had another interesting find: I checked — turns out I was right. The photos dr. I also removed some unimportant contacts just to add a bit of complexity. Below is a shot of scanning in process. It took almost the same amount of time for the process to complete. And the result? What surprised me most is that none of my deleted photos, videos, and contacts were found.

Test 3: Recovering data from Samsung Galaxy S3 with dr. To test the program, I made up some contacts, text messages, calls, pictures, and etc. To give the program the best possible scenario, I scanned the smartphone right after deleting the data to lower the probability of it being overwritten. Despite this program being marketed for Android, it does not work on all Android devices.

To check whether your device is compatible with dr. Alternatively, you can check here to see if your device model is supported. The startup window of dr. You need to be connected to the internet when using a feature for the first time since the program will need to download additional files. USB debugging must be enabled to allow dr.

The process looks different on each device model, but the instructions should be very similar. The app has very clear instructions on how to enable USB debugging for most Android versions. It should automatically connect. If not, click next. I decided to just select everything and see what happens. Our device was rooted, and we did give it permissions, hoping that it would help recover our deleted data. Our device only had 16GB of internal storage with no microSD cards plugged in. I looked for my test contacts, but none were found.

Apparently, the contacts that were found were still on the smartphone. Going to the gallery, there were tons of photos. Some are photos I took with the camera, but most of the images were comprised of files from various applications.

Weirdly, all the photos and image files listed were still on the device itself. None of these files were deleted from the smartphone.

I also noticed the same thing with the videos that dr. Just like how it performed with Apple devices, dr. Other Features Data Recovery is just one of the many features dr. As you can see from the main interface of dr.

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