Elevate v5.52.0 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

An app that is both an impressive game with its role of providing unique hours while helping users increase their skills, Elevate. Users can find their motivation through this application, and the exercises are completely impressive in a wide variety. At the same time, in using, you also find activities that focus on a specific goal, and you will take the time to work through these exercises.


Players will experience an entirely new way of learning and not bring boredom to them when the knowledge is integrated into the form of a specific game. Each type of game has its characteristics and is suitable for developing a particular skill from vocabulary to reading comprehension. So, indeed for those looking for a relaxing application or simple work to do in a short time, Elevate is a suitable choice.

Elevate’s interface is ultimately designed to be simple and can be suitable for any player. With the use of soft colors, players will feel comfortable during the experience and contribute to helping them get excited about their learning. In addition, there will not be too many things that make you feel distracted during the learning process, so you will be completely safe when focusing on the content that this game sends you. Learning in a fun way is entirely adequate.


In Elevate, users will find different skills, and your job will be to choose the suitable options or answers. It is similar to the multiple-choice questions you usually do in school, but there are some differences that you will realize after experiencing different types of exercises. Specifically, the types of exercises will have their feature to help you develop a specific skill and make sure you will be motivated to pass these exercises because of their fun.

Each exercise will have a description, so you will know what skills these exercises will focus on. For example, the Agility exercise will focus on helping you expand your vocabulary by making confident choices from a given keyword. In other words, from those keywords, you will find the corresponding synonyms. This will be continuously done once the progress bar and symbolic plane reach the destination, and you will know your score shortly afterward.


When you experience Elevate, you will surely be impressed by the exercises with different functions that help you develop vocabulary and reading skills for a specific document. In some cases, although you may find some similarities in the goals of certain types of assignments, you experience them in many forms, such as the type of assignment or requirements. You can optimize your learning and unique experiences for different kinds of exercises.

One of the factors that make this application suitable for learning a foreign language and expanding vocabulary knowledge is when various exercises correspond to a variety of exercises. You will choose synonyms and classify and judge the correct answer if you are entirely unaware of the word that appears. At the same time, the ability to read paragraphs of moderate length will be something you will also find in the application; it will test your comprehension skills and vocabulary increase or not.