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EmEditor Professional handles large files, and delimited files, with ease. The interface for EmEditor is very standard–a variety of emeditor professional which emeditor professional be shown or hidden, with a central tabbed editing area. Slightly confusingly, some of the side panels are controlled by ‘View’ and others by ‘Plug-Ins’. While this makes development sense, it’s not instantly intuitive where to look to turn on or off a feature.

EmEditor Free

emeditor professional

A lightweight, extensible, and customizable text editor, EmEditor Professional is easy to use and supports Unicode and powerful macros. EmEditor starts with a basic core feature set. From there you can customize the text editor.

You only add the features you desire, available as plug-ins. The resulting text editor is tailored to each user s needs, and doesn t contain any unwanted features. The latest version of EmEditor incorporates various user requests, and introduces some new features and improves others.

Previous versions of EmEditor open files up to GB. The Large File Controller enables and optimizes the opening of files larger than GB by opening only a portion of the file.

You can specify the begin point, end point, and range of the file to be opened. You can stop the opening process and monitor the real size of the file and temporary disk available. Vertical Selection Editing allows you to replace similar lines quickly without using regular expressions. Vertical Selection Editing selects and replaces or inserts text in column format.

Double-clicking on the current encoding status bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to change the view. The Grab Text feature allows you to grab text from any Windows standard edit controls, Internet Explorer text input fields, or password fields.

You then can edit this text and place it back into the fields. There also are many improved features in this release, such as the Projects Plug-in. The Projects Plug-in now includes solution templates, the toolbar, and the parameter information tooltip, among other options. This plug-in also allows you to open Visual Studio solution files as read-only.

The newly optimized Replace All feature now shows a status message box, which allows you to cancel the Undo information and execute the replacement. Also, EmEditor allows you to create powerful macros that can do anything you want within EmEditor. For a complete feature list and screen shots, please see http: Contact mailto:

Amazing Text Editor for Windows supporting large files and Unicode!

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Download Help. EmEditor Help Installer; If you use the portable version of. Macros. Macro to send e-mail with Microsoft Outlook, B, Macro that.

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