Epic Kids Books v3.33.0 APK + MOD (Premium Subscription) Download

Epic Kids Books is a versatile library app with most content either for kids or for educational and entertainment purposes. It also comes with an attractive and age-friendly interface that makes it easy for any child to quickly get acquainted with all the functions, even automatically searching for any suitable book. Meanwhile, the application also has many parental functions, allowing the management of the children to become simpler and more convenient than ever.


Epic’s interface design is fun and friendly for children, as it is simple and elegant with aesthetic design for immense creativity. The interface is also designed for parents to guide their children enthusiastically while allowing them to select interesting content or books to read automatically instead of searching through a sea of ​​options. The interface customization is also a great addition, and it even integrates many lighting functions for children to read for a long time safely.


All the books in this app are designed to be kid-friendly and straightforward, so they are mostly visual books or have simple content for them to read. Some advanced books are also extremely useful for education, helping raise your child’s IQ when starting with the basic content. Besides, visual books are also a great choice to stimulate children’s imagination and create many wonderful moments between parents and children.


If your kids don’t want to read books, then cute and funny videos will be the appropriate options that parents can find on Epic. Most of the content is cartoons for children, with rich content ranging from fairy tales with simple animations and no context. What’s more, parents can directly connect the device to the TVs for a better viewing experience on wide screens and immersive sound.


Audiobooks are also exciting options if users want to improve their children’s listening skills through audio clips in each language. Fortunately, all the audiobooks in the app support multiple languages, so parents can find any book and select the appropriate language for their kids to listen to. Conveniently, parents can use audiobooks such as good night tales before sleep.


Reading through Epic is also a useful method if parents want their children to be flexible and intelligent. Meanwhile, the parental modes will have a lot of limits on the children and only focus on the immediate things, like reading books, watching videos, and more. Depending on the educational method that parents want to apply, the application will have many effective ways to make the child interested and immersed in reading.


If children are interested in the app, parents can personalize the entire system to always recommend appropriate content for each age, reading level, and many other factors. Thanks to the variety of personalization and convenience, parents can rest assured that their children can explore the world of books in the way they always wanted. Moreover, the recommendation system will also adapt itself and constantly change or improve to bring a ton of content for kids.

Epic is one of the top choices if users want their children to discover the greatness of reading books at an early age. Fortunately, all of its content, such as textbooks, picture books, audiobooks, videos, and more, is diverse and has many fascinating genres that can be adapted to children’s interests.