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With the rapid music tech development and new plugins being introduced every day, there is hardly any reason not being able to compose music. Technology has made it possible even for a non-musician to compose and produce music — armed with just a laptop. This means, as an independent music epic soundlab or composer you need to work smart and leverage on great audio tools in the market. One major strength of The Forge is that it is very customizable, giving you a multitude of epic soundlab options to play epic soundlab with.


epic soundlab

It is designed to offer a flexible environment to customize every sound and making your own. Arpeggiator — the order of arpeggiated notes is the order in which you play them, Polyphonic Sequencer — Works the same as the arpeggiator but all the notes are played at the same time, Gater — Only affects the sound amplitude. Furthermore you can change the length and rate 16th, 8th, 8th triplet etc.

I like the Polyphonic Sequencer function as you can quickly program percussion patterns. Unfortunately you can only program one pattern per patch. It would be cool to have been able to create a few variations within the same patch and switch to them with keyswitches for example. The stack function can make some drum sounds huge! Mostly acoustic melodic instruments, a simple but atmospheric pianos, also unusual sounds like: They are quite unique and can add a nice atmosphere to soundtracks.

Air, Guitar Neck Picks and a patch with several screechy sounds. Most arps are quite unusual in a good way , the basses are cool as well and range from deep to distorted. The pads are nice, mellow and atmospheric, The poly category contains mostly synth string ensemble types of patches. Tuned Percussion: Acoustic tuned percussions, mostly from unusual sound sources, mostly bell-like sounds For those who like the interface and want to use it with their own samples The Forge ships with 3 init presets each with a different low pass filter type.

It is easy to map the modwheel to the parameters of your liking however. Most patches use very little samples so the playable range is limited if you want the instruments to sound natural. Conclusion The Forge definitely contains some very unique and atmospheric sounds, it gives you interesting options to add a nice twist to your music.

It is clearly aimed at the more aggressive sounding hybrid orchestral music if you make that type of music I can recommend The Forge to you!

You can test a few of the sounds yourself by downloading the free try-pack from: The pads are nice, mellow and… Music Software Review: The Forge by Epic Soundlab

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Octamorph is an 8 layers audio morphing instrument and sound design tool for building complex soundscapes, morphing drones, shapeshifting risers and much . The latest Tweets from Epic Soundlab (@EpicSoundlab). Sounds and FX for Film , TV and Video Games composers and sound designers.

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Epic SoundLab is Luca Capozzi, an Italian sound designer based in Dublin, Ireland. 75% off “The Forge” by Epic Sound Lab. “The Forge” is an intuitive and powerful cinematic sample library that excels at sounds for Epic Hybrid Electronic.

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