Evertale v2.0.35 APK + MOD (Mega Menu/Free Shop) Download

Evertale (MOD APK, Free Shopping/Menu) is an open-world monster-catching game for players to explore new lands or collect monsters to fight fierce battles.

One of our human interests is to adventure to distant places that we want to enjoy and explore. Or sometimes, that hobby directs me to more special adventure locations like magical fairy tales or even a movie like Alice in Wonderland. And if only to experience this journey with eyes through the movies that have been shown on the big screen, it will quickly become boring. Instead, why not get lost in another fairy tale that you are the one who will write it? It sounds hard to imagine, but for now, get ready to go and let Evertale help you. This game will easily take us to an impressive, utterly unfamiliar space, along with participating in the adventure with many legends told with many summoned beasts.


Coming to an incredibly engaging storyline

Begin the game; the producers will lead you into a completely new world with a fairy style that you may have seen somewhere inside. But no, we are now a real character and exploring the world inside Evertale. Here people call it the Erden world – the land that has been hit by a fairy curse long ago called Pandemonium. And this curse is told that every 100 years, this world will suffer a huge catastrophe. But right now, this danger has ceased to follow its cycle, and there are erratic changes. Just 18 years after the previous catastrophe, the world of Erden is likely to have a similar event. But fortunately, times of turmoil will easily create heroes, and at Erden, right now is no exception. Two heroes who wish to save the world have appeared so that they can save this world forever.


The gameplay is varied and unique

If right above, we will easily be fascinated by an engaging storyline, now you will experience fascinating gameplay. The characters’ goal in this game will be to try to fight all the dangers to save the world that is facing immediate danger. On their adventure, the warriors will meet evil monsters and be creatures that we can income into our squad. So do not hesitate that the income of new warriors will come to you. These warriors, after being paid, will all be trained and trained by our shogun to become the best version. The confrontation with strange creatures will be able to help you practice your special skills. And so, once you have built yourself a mighty army, it will be time for this adventure to bring you to the last evil forces so that you will be able to fight them. Do your best to save this whole world!


Other interesting game modes

Besides following a fascinating story to save the cursed Erden world, players will also participate in other game modes. The first will be a 4v4 game mode that sounds familiar, but applying it with Evertale will be extremely new. Entering this mode, you will need to ready yourself with a lot of different special strategies and the skills that have been trained before to cope with all situations. The only thing you need to do to win in this online game mode is nothing but hone your skills and build yourself a potent squad of monsters to play against those—another monster trainer.


As an enthusiast of the adventure game genre fighting, you will definitely not miss Evertale. A game that will take you to a wonderland but in innocent fairy movies. But besides that, the blood and fire fighting character will still be intact. Together we wait for how brave warriors will be able to gather warriors and fight with evil forces to save their world? Along with that is the unique online PvP, 4v4 mode, where all of our strategists will meet each other, compete for high and low through fierce battles. Let’s join this game to become a perfect warrior!