File Manager v2.7.3 APK + MOD (Premium) Download for Android

File Manager + is an application that helps you to manage all the files that you will find on your mobile device, giving you the opportunity to do it comfortably; with it you will be able to delete, file, order, and verify the space of your files in the device.

Unlike other applications to manage your files, this application has multiple tools for them. File Manager + is free on any digital platform and has extra tools for a better experience.

File Manager (MOD, Premium Unlocked) ***

A product is known for its functionality

File Manager + is a very useful application that allows you to manage all the files stored on your device, as well as allowing you to manage them in the cloud for greater security. With this application, you can have different tools for better management of your devices, such as access from a computer to view your files, manage files with audio or video format, downloaded files, among others.

In this way, File Manager + gives you a simple and free opportunity for all your files, both those stored on the device and in the memory of them, being compatible with many other actions. Therefore, if you are looking for a manager that is easy to use and download, you can have this application, which guarantees you specific and easy to execute functions, with more than ten million downloads.

File Manager (MOD, Premium Unlocked) ***

Easy to use to manage your documents

File Manager + is an application that is simple to use, where once you download and access it, on the main screen you will find all the files on your device placed in folders. This storage will be differentiated by those located in the device and those in the device memory, so to see more, you must access one of these options, taking you to a larger list of files.

File Manager + will allow you to move, share, delete, unzip and search files easily, allowing you to get rid of those files you don’t need and giving you a view of all of them. Finally, we must emphasize that with this file manager you will be able to store your documents in the cloud, allowing you to have a backup of them in case of any inconvenience, keeping them safe.

File Manager (MOD, Premium Unlocked) ***

Simple graphics for better understanding

File Manager + differs from other file applications in that it has a simple interface so that it gives you different tools that you can use quickly with just one on-screen selection. This way, you won’t waste time searching for actions or downloading other complementary applications to be able to view all the files you store on your device. You can also use the application on any mobile device.

This simplicity is what has become the main option for many users who are looking for an alternative for better management of their documents, as well as for easy and effective management of them in the cloud, so do not hesitate to use it as an option.