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Download It’s hard to say which is the best video editor of them all because we’re talking about complex tools at a professional level, final cut pro x full version free download mac which each user ends up specializing in certain ones and their yield depends directly on the control of each user. But when it comes to choosing the three or four best video editors for computers, we’re sure that there’s a name that will appear on all the lists: Final Cut Pro X. Developed by Apple, and only available for Mac, it’s one of the most powerful and versatile video editing programs on the market.

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final cut pro x full version free download mac

In my experience, it’s actually easier to install Windows 7 on a Mac than on a PC. How crazy is that? Trust me, at that point, your Mac will have no idea that it’s a Mac. The bottom line is There are just too many variables in terms of hardware to make it worth Apple’s time.

A Mac isn’t as expensive as you might think. I couldn’t be happier! At the risk of sounding biased, it will be the best money you ever spend.

With a student discount, it’s even less. The entry-level iMac is a great starter machine for editing. It’s powerful, its roomy display is built-in, and it’s got bells and whistles like the Thunderbolt port that will give you some room to expand as your business grows. It’s not as expandable as a Mac Pro tower, but by the time you bump against those limits you’ll be doing the sort of complex work that means you can afford the tower.

Personally I provide freelance editing to one of the biggest entertainment companies in America with a base model MacBook Pro. It’s more than enough to accomplish most video production. The MacBook Air line can be used to run Final Cut and Motion, but their limited disk space, few ports, and missing optical drive may give you headaches as you get into larger projects.

If you’re shopping for Final Cut Pro, chances are you’re thinking about cameras as well. The majority of cameras available today use memory cards or disk drives instead of tapes. Go with the trend. Disk-based formats are easier and more efficient than tape.

They involve fewer moving parts, they support higher-quality recordings, and they dramatically cut back the wait to bring your video into the computer for editing. For the best balance of quality and price at the broad-market professional level, we really like the Sony EX1. And with any Final Cut Pro editing system the only additional hardware that you truly need is external storage. But it also records full HD video. It’s not going to replace dedicated video cameras for serious work, but the 5D is an affordable and useful camera to have in your arsenal for that glossy work.

Our production pros teach both the EX-1 and the 5D one-on-one with you at your studio or business with our on-site training and consulting. But back to Final Cut Pro! Click here if you are interested in receiving Final Cut Studio training.

However, trust me on this Finally, there is one other way to run Final Cut Pro on a machine running Windows Related Blogs:

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