Flux White – Substratum Theme v4.8.3 (Patched) APK Download for Android

In the early generations of mobile phones, publishers always focused on developing the appearance of different models. The more beautiful the appearance, the easier it is to attract more buyers, which was the motto at that time. And mobile devices have grown tremendously until the era of smartphones, nowadays anyone can own a smartphone for themselves. But the most important thing now is not only the appearance itself, but the screen interface also plays a part in attracting buyers. If only the beautiful appearance but bad interface and difficult to use, it is difficult to attract buyers. But there have been some cases where users are fed up with the current phone interface, and they themselves want a different user experience from other screen interfaces.

Compatible with Substratum engine only!

The application changes the phone interface, one of which will be Flux White released by giannisgx89. The app cannot change the background image of other apps, but it can only be used to change the look of Android devices.

Flux White - Substratum Theme (Patched)


When installing the application and launching it, in front of you will be the choice of many different types of settings, including interface wallpapers, colors, self-updating wallpapers that you want through the directory. Just choose the colors you like and then apply them, but if it’s just changing the wallpaper, it’s simple. This application will change everything on your device, from icons, gadgets, usage functions, etc.

Start with changing the style of the notification bar, if you could not change before change his models, then with this application you can change them as circles, squares, … aligned or zoomed, all up to you. Even the notification function will be changed, the notifications from other activities on your device will be arranged in a concise and full content. If the notification content was often shortened before, this application will now allow you to easily view the entire content of the notification without having to access the application that issued the notice.

Flux White - Substratum Theme (Patched)

Substratum theme engine is designed with pixel perfect graphics

Change the interface of the call, if you do not like the default view of the call, now you can change, you can answer an incoming call in many different ways such as swiping or tapping to pay word. Even with this app, you can change the background image for the call interface the way you want.

The application also comes with a completely new keyboard interface for you, and this keyboard can link with other applications and operate in your language in a simple way. Any language can be used by this app’s keyboard. The interface of the Navigation Bar will also be changed easily with this application, if you do not have the device’s own Navigation Bar, you can use this application and create one comfortable and helpful for yourself.

Flux White - Substratum Theme (Patched)

After setup, you may want to reset the device so that the application updates the device’s new interface, if you have not reset it, it may not change the settings immediately. When resetting even the icon of the app will appear instead of Android. If you are bored with the screen interface of your device, and want to experience new interfaces or create one yourself, download “Flux White” to your device and start setting up. Next step.