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STEP free wondershare filmora registration code. Export and share, done! Full Feature Mode Full Feature Mode comes with all the fully-customizable timeline editing features to arrange scenes, edit clips, and add polish to your movie. Run Filmora and choose Full feature mode to enter. Media Library The Library is the source for all your media, including video clips, photos, and music.

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free wondershare filmora registration code

STEP 5. Export and share, done! Full Feature Mode Full Feature Mode comes with all the fully-customizable timeline editing features to arrange scenes, edit clips, and add polish to your movie. Run Filmora and choose Full feature mode to enter. Media Library The Library is the source for all your media, including video clips, photos, and music. It also houses transitions, effects, and a variety of other media assets that you can use in your projects.

You can record a voiceover and take a snapshot by clicking the icons on the lower right corner. You can also enter a new timecode to jump to a specific point in the video. Toolbar The toolbar provides easy access to many editing commands. You can change your project view, zoom in and out on the Timeline, and launch different tools that can help you edit efficiently.

You can find the switch button on the upper-right corner to switch between the Timeline and Storyboard view. This file contains the settings you select for each sequence in the project, as well as edit decisions, effects, and music used in the project. Filmora project doesn’t store video, audio, or image files in the project file. It stores only a reference to each of these files based on the filename and location of the file at the time you imported it.

If you move, rename, or delete a source file later, Filmora can’t find it automatically the next time you open the project.

In this case, Filmora offers you an option to archive your source files all together with the project. Create a new project Launch Filmora and choose an aspect ratio for your video. Your options are: It can be recognized by Filmora only. Open a project 1. Open a recent project Re-launch Filmora, choose “Open recent” at the top right corner. Open an existing project Launch Filmora, select “Open recent” in the top right corner to reload the.

It will archive the project file together with the source files in the. After you archive the project file, it will be saved as a zip file, which including the Media folder of the source files and the project file in. To open it, you just need to unzip the file first and double-click the.

Wondershare Filmora enables you to import video shot by any type of digital camera, camcorder, mobile device, etc, with all major standard and HD video formats. A Media Library is also provided for you to organize your media clips so you can easily and quickly access assets for your projects. Or, if you want, you can choose to record a video file from Webcam, record the PC screen and record the voiceover using the built-in video recorder. Record from Webcam To use this feature, you should first make sure the webcam is connected to your PC properly.

Click the “Record” button on the upper left of the Media library panel. In the pop-up Capture Video window, click the “Record” icon to start recording and click it again to stop recording. Then click “OK” to save the recorded video file in the default Captured file folder. The recorded video file will be added to Media Library automatically and you can drag it onto the Timeline. Hit the Rec button to start the recording, and hit F9 to stop the recording. By the way, if you want to use the recording feature for gaming or other professional recordings, Filmora also has launched a screen recording software–Filmora Scrn–just for high-quality screen recording.

Record Voiceover Choose “Record a voiceover” under the Record menu, make sure the microphone is connected to your PC properly. Hit the “Record button”, and it leaves you 3 seconds to get ready. An audio track will be added to the timeline while you are recording. You can edit the sequences by arranging clips in the order you want them to appear in your movie, and “clean up” your video footage, edit out the unwanted parts and keep only the best bits to include in your movie and more.

With Filmora’s basic features and advanced tools, you turn your video clips into a piece of the fascinating movie. Learn more about How to edit your video? Edit Audio In addition to video editing, You can also edit the audio clips in the Timeline as you see fit.

When you are editing your audio, the original clips are preserved. More importantly, Filmora allows you to: Learn more about How to edit your audio? Edit Image Images are a great way to tell a story. In Filmora, it’s very easy to add, manage, and edit your images. Simple editing features and dozens of filters and overlays effects are available for you to enhance your images, so you can add image and combine them with the videos for your movie to tell your own story in a unique way.

Learn more about How to edit your image? Filmora has already listed enough free effects for you in the Media library panel, you just need to spend a little time to download. By the way, all effects can be added to your favorites by right-clicking the effect you want.

If you are not feeling satisfied with limited effects, Filmora also has Effect Store, in which you can purchase many excellent effects. The Effects Store offers many types of effects, including sets with themes like fashion, travel, business, blockbuster, and explosions. With the Filmora Effects Store, you can make stunning videos in just a few clicks regardless of your skill level.

Filmora provides you with multiple ways to save your project files. Click the “Export” button in the toolbar and you will go to the export settings. By default, Filmora will pop up a window to ask you to choose one of the plans. Export your video by formats Filmora supports all kinds of common output formats. If you want to save the project on your computer with a specific video format, after you click the “Export” button, please choose Format tab and select the format required.

After selecting the output format, you can rename the video, change the location where you save it. Also, you can check the output size before conversion. Furthermore, you are capable of adjusting output quality by pressing the “Settings” tab.

In the Settings window, there are three kinds of quality levels, Best, Better and Good. The only difference between them is the Bit Rate. You are able to adjust it or other parameters, such as Resolution, Frame Rate, etc. In default, the exported video is in a Better level. In order to get the best quality, it is suggested to adjust the output settings as the same or similar to the original video. If you are not able to find the specific parameters in the dropdown list, please try to input the value manually.

Export by devices you want to play on In the device tab under Format, you can choose to output your video according to different types of mobile devices you’d want to play on, available device options are like: You can further edit other settings on the right as well. Click “Export” after you finish all the settings. Export by devices won’t transfer the videos to your devices directly, the video will still be stored on the local hard drive by the default path you’ve set.

Directly upload your videos to video sharing sites Filmora gives you convenience by directly uploading your 4k videos to those popular video sharing sites.

By choosing this option, you will see a pop up window asking YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo account authorization. You can either enter an existing account to finish the uploading or create a new account if you don’t have one.

Just go to the DVD tab, and enter other settings on the panel. When done, click “Export”. Wondershare Filmora for Mac Different from Windows Version, Wondershare Filmora for Mac comes with one video editing modes to meet your video editing needs with all the fully-customizable timeline editing features to arrange scenes, edit clips, and add vivid polish to your movie.

Toolbar The toolbar provides easy access to many editing commands, like video recording, voiceover, delete, split, crop, rotate, inspector, render, and time code controller. The render feature allows you to render your video as you go instead of waiting for when you export.

This results in a smoother video preview. You can drag the slider in the lower right corner to control Timeline view, or click the “Fit to Timeline” button to adjust all media files within Timeline. While in the lower left corner of the interface, you can switch Timeline and Storyboard mode.

There is also a full-screen button for you to preview videos at full screen. Though Filmora for Mac has a different interface, there has a slight difference between the Mac version and the Windows version. They share the same features and operation. So, if you want to learn how to use Filmora on your MacBook, just check the Filmora tutorials for Windows. Filmora edits video easily with intuitive UI and powerful editing features. Users can experience all the wonderful features with Wondershare Filmora free trial version.

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