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Competition among piano soft-synth manufacturers has become pretty stiff lately, even among multiple virtual pianos from the same company! We previously reviewed Galaxy II Pianos 2. While piano sounds are largely a matter of personal taste, Galaxy II Galaxy steinway vintage d is a solid contender with great sound. Highlights include: Galaxy Steinway 5.

Best Service – Galaxy: Vintage D 1.2 (KONTAKT, NKI, NKC, NKX)

galaxy steinway vintage d

I use a lot of software so I was concerned about CPU, and since I already use Kontakt with several instruments, I thought adding one more would be better than trying to run Synthogy. Overall, I have been disappointed with Galaxy’s Vintage D. First off, I run Kontakt with Scarbee’s Rhodes, Whurly, Clavinet, and three other various instruments at around samples.

This gives me near zero latency and makes the setup playable. When I add the Vintage D to that mix, everything continues to work fine but Vintage D is extremely prone to Pops and glitches. It seems to occur most when I disengage the Sustain pedal. If I bump up the Buffer samples significantly, I can reduce this, but then the latency turns this into a real unenjoyable playing experience. I have had no problems with other intensive plugins, so I am at a loss on why this is happening.

They did release an update, but that did not fix anything for me. The other reason I don’t care for this instrument is basically its lackluster sound. It has a decent low register, but the mids sound weak and the high notes sound like a toy at some points. This is all of course in comparison to Synthogy which does offer quite a lot more sampling technology so I guess I am slightly biased. Unfortunately there is nothing I can remark positively about the Vintage D.

I recommend forking over the extra cash for Synthogy ivory 2 and purchasing an external FW drive to handle the samples I get the disk too slow message running it off the internal drive occasionally. I definitely would not make the same choice again in purchasing this plugin.

What I can’t understand is the company NORD can make a mb or less acoustic piano sample for there keyboards that will blow your mind, yet a several GB sample set can sound so weak. No cracking, no crash, even superimposed on other forums.

The sound But for me, better than Nordstage or NordPiano more personality, more precision and shades , better than any hardware keyboard actually. Perfect playability, even inspiring. Whether for classic intimate with headphones for jazz on stage to rock I use it for 3 years and I always come back to him.

I would not compare with the Synthogy, I do not know but the American D tempt me much. The Vintage D that interests us it is a very good piano. Some found him sound a bit too compressed, perhaps justifying the aspect of “dull” in the city further notice. It is that there are many possible setting and in this case more than enough to leave an impression of his “dull”. He still has the advantage of being a little cheaper than the competitor Synthogy and especially it does not require a key addition to the price ilok I think.

A good piano that does not deserve to be lowered, perhaps not the best course but there really “the” piano in this area , but it more than justifies its price. Note that section has a “synth” the “Warp” which may be of interest to hackers sound is very powerful. The sounds are beautiful, soft, felted hey it depends on the presets! But my favorite is “jazz club”.

What I love is the natural side. This is my favorite virtual piano plugin currently I have the big two and alicia keys. I liked them I find them useless since I have the vintage D. Good galaxy at the same time I always liked the sound of Steinways, alicia keys is a Yamaha C3, the two great I know but it’s not a steinway and it looks like a yamaha too Kawai can be?

You do not need a computer to use it comfortably phew. But what I love even more This is as it sounds! The sound is not “made” it is super well balanced neither too dull nor too bright. It really is the virtual piano that I prefer. What I like least: I do not use the reverb built, I have not found it very enjoyable distorts the sound a bit , at the same time I have not tried very hard to settle because the j ‘ reverb plugins have high quality on cubase.

That I think is flattering because I love it, but it’s also because I compare it to other virtual pianos. If I compared him to a real grand piano It’s samples played on a digital piano, and for this it does well the job. Uncompressed wav. I put 9 because I think we can always do better in terms of sound quality but I think it’s the best piano sound I have acqu RIR until this day and I’m not ill to The quality is superb I use it for 1 week and I am really very happy.

A price not very onreux view the product’s capabilities. I tried the Concert Grand in Native Instrument duds that had me the first notes. No feeling when I played. Not deep enough. With the Galaxy Vintage Piano D we can afford to have the sound of the piano incredibly GPs we want given the number of parameter there!

I Refer to choose without any hesitation. Incredibly Did you find this review helpful?


A hand-picked Steinway D concert grand, recorded at Galaxy Studios in its huge brilliant overtones to warm vintage sounds, each adjustable with great detail. THE Vintage Steinway D of Legendary Recordings. Bauer Studios has been the home of a legendary s Steinway D grand piano used on countless famous.

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Galaxy Vintage D liefert den Klang des berühmten historischen Steinway D in überzeugender Qualität. Der Grundcharakter des. Virtual Grand Piano (Download) Includes sounds of the Steinway D in Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg from , Was recorded with vintage microphones and.

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