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William February 18, Games 5 Comments Windows system are not properly optimized to game booster premium free download games on pc. So we often experiences PC Game runs slowly or gives a lag even if system requirements are met. While it is possible to simply buy new computer hardware to improve our gaming performance in general, it is often a good idea to tweak the current PC before doing so. An alternative method would be to invest in software designed to carry out this type of operation. By updating hardware drivers, downloading essential gaming tools, tweaking system settings for gaming, defragmenting game directories, temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance, iobit Game Game booster premium free download 2 concentrates every little system resource for gaming only.


game booster premium free download

Benchmark 3: You need to make that decision as it does not ship with a default profile. A long list of features can be disabled including network access and sharing, Windows Search, visual effects or Windows Defender. In addition to that, it supports the termination of custom services and applications that you need to specify for each profile you configure. Game Fire 4 displays a list of applications and services that you can terminate when you enter game mode.

Other features that it supports are game defragmentation and quick access to Windows tools such as Memory Diagnostics or the Performance Monitor. It supports custom games as well as you can add those to the list of games. Game Assistant supports an automated mode that cleans RAM when enabled. Instead of using that mode, you may select processes manually that you want closed to free up RAM on the system. Since it seems to do nothing else than stop processes and free up RAM, it may even be less effective than other boosters especially if the system has plenty of RAM.

Razer Cortex Game Booster Game Booster requires that you create an account before you can run the program. It scans the system for installed games and displays them in its interface. The program uses a recommended boost by default but provides you with the means to customize the boosting. It lists plenty of options to do so, from terminating processes and services to tweaks that you can apply to the system. The program ships with a couple of additional options like synchronizing save games using cloud services or video capture.

ToolWiz Game Boost The program is as simple as it gets. It displays several boost options on start, for instance to stop scheduled tasks or network shares while in GameBoost Mode. Since all options are selected by default, it is only a matter of enabling game mode in the program to get started. It lacks advanced features like disabling services or terminating processes that other programs in this test support. Wise Game Booster The program offers to scan the local system for games on start.

While it did so, it did not find any installed games on the system even though some were installed. It features an optimize all button that runs optimization tasks on services, processes and the system itself. You may switch to optimization tabs in the program to see what each optimization does, for instance which process gets terminated when you run the optimization.

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Game Booster 4x Faster (with advance settings) Apk Full Paid latest is a Tools Android app Download last version RAM-Free Tweak will be applied Fast Scanner Pro: PDF Scan Apk Premium Unlocked. IObit Game Booster works by optimizing the performance of your computer system to run the game. Free software that qualified for game hobbyist.

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Anyone know of applications I now share this ga? must have been many who know IObit Game Booster is not it? yes it is true IObit Game Booster Premium is. For Normal Users; ▻ Designed for tablets and phones. ▻ Accelerate the applications and games you want without the hassle with simple and simple to use.

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