Game of Sultans v3.4.02 – APK Download for Android

The game of Sultans simulates the life of a former king, and the player will have to build the country, solve the inner affairs and conquer the new land.

Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire-building simulation RPG game, letting players experience the life of a Sultan – the king of Europe and the Middle East, including building a country, solving troubles in the harem, and join the war to conquer other lands. Not only do brutal battles, but players also experience thrilling love stories. The game offers various distinctive RPG gameplay combined with fresh content to create a legendary game for everyone to enjoy.


The game possesses many RPG elements that are specially combined with fierce battles that make players immerse themselves continuously in the game. The game of Sultans allows players to experience the life of a king in many different aspects. Join the game; you become the ruler of a part of Europe and the Middle East, with the main task of building and developing your kingdom to become stable and strong. However, as the head of a country, you must be someone who has the potential to rule your land well. To do that, players wage wars to invade smaller countries, forming alliances to become the most powerful force in the world.


It is indispensable for beautiful harems in a solid kingdom to always be by the king’s side. Game of Sultans sometimes makes players have headaches about the harem with his wife and concubines, raising and taking care of the princes so that they are smart enough to take over the royal inheritance later. Because in the role of the king leading the kingdom, the player must carefully educate his harem to help them deal with the political intrigues and power struggles of the generals in the court. Besides, players also get to meet beautiful life partners with talents from all over the world and win their hearts. Here, players build romantic love stories under the stars.


It is a 3D role-playing game built in a unique RPG style that has brought many impressive levels for players to experience. From a person standing on the platform of a country, players must prove their strength and progress to become a powerful sultan, turning into a famous tribe into a mighty kingdom. In-Game of Sultans, players hold their national flags high as they battle others in real-time in a strong kingdom and begin their journey to conquer the world. Besides, you also have to lead the ottoman empire to conquer new lands. During the quest, the players should develop their character and rise to rule the kingdom.


The game allows players to be immersed in brutal wars and military strategy. Game of Sultans will enable players to participate in PvP battles, comparing your army strength with other players around the world. Moreover, you should form alliances and make friends or become enemies of many opponents to donate with allies and defeat other players. Build solid and lasting partnerships through worthy marriages that will make you more outstanding. So, complete daily tasks to earn more types of loot that will be useful to you in the process of performing battles. Also, train troops to help you discover and bring new things.