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Geographic extent of terrain data Simultaneous side-by-side views. User-defined functions and expressions. The extent of the 2D map. Volume measurement and cut and fill optimization.

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global mapper download free

Clip shapefiles or DWG files vector files Add a basemap so you can see where things are Adding a basemap means you can quickly load a map so you can figure out where things are, or zoom into your area of interest. It’s often helpful, especially when working with geospatial datasets that cover a large area. Select a source to download in the list. Since the map data is coming from an online source, it may take a moment or two to load.

You can then zoom in to your area of interest or load your own data. Click Open Data Files and browse to the file s you would like to add. You may be prompted to to select a projection. Generally, the default projection selected works. Click OK. Again, the defaults generally function well. Selecting a different symbology color by classification or intensity, etc.

Click the Esc key to start over. Many more details for this tool are available in Global Mapper’s user guide. Clip a DEM or air photos raster files Clipping a raster file continuous surface comprised of pixels is very straightforward in Global Mapper and can be helpful when an area of interest is either within a much larger tile or covers multiple tiles.

Load all files DEMs, air photos, etc. Zoom in or out as appropriate using the zoom buttons, and click and drag to draw a box. When you are satisfied with the area selected, click OK then OK again. Browse to the location you’d like to save your file and give it a name. Click Save. Browse to your saving location and name the file s. The available options will entirely depend on what kind of shapefiles point, line, or polygon you have loaded. If you have multiple types loaded, you can export those different types to separate files for the same clip boundary.

Click the Export Bounds tab, then click the Draw a Box Content last reviewed: August 28, Contact.

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Global Mapper (Bit) has built in functionality for distance and area calculations , raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis, contrast. Global Mapper is a program that analyzes and processes GIS data. Download Global Mapper right now if you work in the cartography field or with spatial data. Global Mapper is a GIS (Geographic Information System) data processing software with all sorts of cartographic and map.

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Download the latest version of Global Mapper free. Global Mapper is one of the most powerful and practical utilities for GIS data management. Download Global Mapper for free. Global Mapper is an easy-to-use spatial data management tool for GIS mapping.

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