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Download God of War 4 God of War IV for PC is third-perspective video game and also the action-adventure game which is developed by the SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by the famous publisher called Sony Interactive Entertainment and first set to be released on the Play Station 4 but after the development process the game God of War is finally made available for the Personal Computer PC which is the greatest news for all the gamer of the Personal Computer and this was the game which has been the most anticipated game of the year God of War IV for PC is the third-perspective video game where god of war 4 game download player control the main character Kratos and it is the squeal series of the previous video game God of War god of war 4 game download III so this game has more feature and has more character and the villain of this game is more stronger than the previous version. The Multiplayer feature is now available for the God of War game, Not only this the game also features the role playing games RPG. So this god of war is more vast than that of the other series of the God of War.


god of war 4 game download

Besides the price, the most important question right now is how much hard drive space the game will need when it releases on April A Thief’s End We’ve already talked about how Kratos won’t be as angry as before , and that the game will be much longer than previous instalments.

We’ve also covered some of the changes in combat, as well as how crafting will work and the role of Atreus.

You can read more about those topics in our April Video Game Releases. Everything about the game sounds fantastic, but how does it fare when it comes to gameplay? The latest video covers this crucial aspect of the game. The video showcases a confrontation between Kratos and a massive troll. Combat seems to be intuitive and fluid, both from Kratos and his son, and that of the troll. We also see Kratos’ ability to call back his axe and how he uses Atreus during combat.

An interesting act about these trolls is that they each have a unique backstory in the game. They are not just random AI characters you’ll meet in the game, there is depth to the different individuals. Trolls also have their own language in God of War. Note how Kratos has to use his shield in combination with his axe, as well as dodging to take on the troll? It looks like a beautiful dance of skill.

There’s a distinct seamlessness to the whole game as it flows between action, combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. We also see some pretty amazing climbing sequences with Atreus on Kratos’ back. Apart from the storage space required for the game, gamers will also need to free up some good time in their lives to play it.

Recent playtesting in the studio clocked in at 43 hours which is quite a substantial jump compared to past games. If you don’t yet own a PS4, then God of War is your reason to get one.

1. Smash everything and boost the Luck stat to earn more Hacksilver in God of War

God of War IV for PC is third-perspective video game and also the action- adventure game which is developed by the SIE Santa Monica Studio. Download God Of War 4 Game For Android & Iphone. Get GOW Four Apk & Ios On Mobile.

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God of War 4 is a third person action adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive. This is the 4th installment in. God of War Pc Download. God of War is a well-known game series that is called as the best in all kind, from graphics to gameplay.

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