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Please click gsmls mobile a shaded county or on the list below to begin your search. Select a County: All real estate advertising on this site has been placed here by these real estate brokers. All real estate advertising on this site is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of as amended which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, gsmls mobile, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, gsmls mobile an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.

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Mobile Friendly Features Optimized for phones and tablets A plethora of users makes regular searches on real estate websites from their mobile phones because it is more convenient and easier to do so. Showcase IDX plugin is designed to provide potential customers with a safe and intuitive mobile platform, so they can find the home they are looking for quicker and with less effort. Its mobile solutions will make sure that your website is clearly visible and easy to navigate on mobile phones and tablets.

Current Location Search This function enables users to search for a home in their current location by pressing just a single button on the screen of their smartphones. Call About This Listing This feature is connecting you to the phone of the user, so a potential client can call you directly and ask for more details if they are interested.

For example, most sites give you the opportunity to save listing and search, but this is not something that a potential buyer wants or needs in most cases. The experts behind Showcase IDX have developed a couple of interesting features which allow users to discuss with their friends and family members while searching for homes in a given area. This creates more engagement on your website and it will set you apart from the competition.

Consumer Dashboard A consumer dashboard is a place where each user can track his activity and see the activity of the people in his Search Party too. Listings Tool The listings tool is a shortlist of properties the potential buyer is interested in.

He can also see the activity of the other users in his Search Party. Searches Index This gives users the possibility to subscribe to certain search, unsubscribe, and manage them more freely. They also have the opportunity to opt-in and out of the Agent Recommended Searches. Built to Be Social Showcase IDX plugin is one of the best IDX for real estate agents because it was designed knowing that more than just one person is searching for homes at a given time.

Search Party The search party involves groups of people, friends, and family members who collectively search for, discuss, and share listings and properties before making a buying decision. Great for Individuals Too Another reason why Showcase IDX plugin is the best IDX solution for Realtors is that the tools that work great for groups of people, friends, and family members work for individuals who search for homes too!

Search Filter Features Literally, search for the kitchen sink Showcase IDX is one of the best IDX solutions for GSMLS because it is easy to use, but very powerful at the same time, allowing you to refine your search over and over again until you find what you are looking for. You will start off with a simple search, then you can take advantage of the tools provided to perform more advanced searches. This platform is more sophisticated than other IDXs on the market. Location Search Users have the option of searching for streets, buildings, ZIP codes, and cities, among other factors and get previews of the top results.

Flexible Price Fields Showcase IDX is one of the best IDX for real estate agents because it allows consumers to adjust the default price option to something which appeals to their budget or the market you are interested in. Listing Types You have the possibility to choose exactly what types of listings you want to be shown to users and they can search for them on your website.

School Search This allows users to choose from different types of schools such as elementary, middle schools, high schools, etc. Year Built Consumers have the possibility to search for buildings founded in a specific year or range of years, depending on their preferences. Days Online This allows users to search for a listing depending on how many days it was online.

Lot Size Users have the possibility to perform searches depending on the size of the lot stated in acres. They can search depending on the square footage they want, either a specific number or a range.

Listing Status Consumers can also search by listing status and you have complete control over which statuses are displayed. This makes identifying a listing much quicker and it is not a feature provided by other IDXs.

Price Change Users can search for a building which had significant price changes over the course of a certain period of time. General Features These are numerous features consumers search for and include basement, sewer, interior features, boat house, parking, garage, road style, special considerations, and more.

Interior Features These are very different and include fireplaces, heating type, cooling system, rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen layout, flooring options, and many more. Exterior Features There are several exterior features users search for such as roofing options, water features, landscaping type, size of the backyard, etc.

Community Features These features include pet restriction areas, lakes, amenities, association fees, and other interesting factors. The team of professionals behind Showcase IDX will stand by your side and answer any question you might have about it and how to utilize this real estate IDX WordPress plugin. Helpful Support Showcase IDX is capable of offering high-quality support services to clients and most of the customers agree that this platform has a super-responsive support team, ready to help anytime you want.

Onboarding Wizard The onboarding wizard will basically help you install the real estate IDX WordPress plugin on your website quickly and effortlessly. Custom CSS Styles Showcase IDX also offers you the opportunity to add specific CSS styles to your website if you are a more advanced user and make it stand out from the crowd among other real estate websites. Friends and Family Search Features Let people search together According to research, it has been found that most people search for homes together with their friends, family members and maybe even business partners.

One of those tools is called Search Party which basically enables users to view homes together, comment, discuss, and make decisions at the same time. This type of tool is ideal for your website because it gives you the possibility to multiply the number of leads who might become customers later on. Search Together You give each user the opportunity to create his own account, but he can still interact with his family members and friends. Invite Family and Friends This function makes it easier for users to invite their loved ones to the Search Party and look for homes together.

Listing Reactions Another reason why Showcase IDX is one of the best IDX for real estate agents is that it allows users to send emojis and react to different properties on sale. Private Commenting This allows the users of a Search Party to discuss privately the details and information of a particular listing. Agent Commenting With this function, the agent can join message boards when he is invited and provide useful insight to potential buyers.

Multiply Your Leads You have the chance to get multiple real phone numbers and email addresses for a single potential transaction. Consumer Tools The social dashboard available in Showcase IDX gives plenty of useful tools to consumers, allowing them to make safer and better searches. Increased Engagement You have the chance to create a large community around your website using the tools Showcase IDX plugin provides.

Search Subscriptions Finally, saved searches that make sense. This makes the process of subscribing to a particular search more personalized and the user is more likely to come back to your website.

As an agent, you also have the possibility to send Recommended Searches to your leads which will increase the likelihood of making a purchase in the near future. Subscribe to Searches Saving a search is not sufficient. Subscribing to a search lets users know about important updates and they get real value from their searches. Email Notification Options Users can select how often they want to be updated when it comes to their subscribed searches — instantly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Showcase IDX is different and implements these tools into the system. Timely Information A search subscription is capable of sending information about price changes, open houses which will be available for sale in the near future as well as new listings. Agent Branding You have the opportunity to customize the header and footer of your email so that your brand gets a stronger online presence.

For example, users can see a map with the first results displayed as markers on the map. The next results are displayed as small dots. You can hover over the map and get additional information when the cursor is on a marker and if you click on a dot, you can get directly to the listing page.

Adding polygons is simple and it will filter results and display only listings in this area. Multiple Polygons Why settling for just a single polygon when you can add 2 or more? This will refine your searches and display results exactly in the areas where you want them. Mobile Optimized The maps in Showcase IDX can be used flawlessly on smartphones and tablets which allows users to perform searches on the go.

Polygons For Mobile Users can use their finger to draw a polygon directly on the smartphone or tablet screen, so they can get better results for their searches. You have the opportunity to manage your website or websites from one central control panel, tracking your numbers and viewing the potential leads available at that time.

Manage Multiple Websites Having multiple real estate websites drastically increase the likelihood of being a successful real estate agent. Showcase IDX plugin gives you the chance to manage all your websites from a single place, saving time and effort. Manage Teams In a similar fashion, this system is the best IDX solution for GSMLS because it gives agents the possibility to manage their teams with little to no effort and assign certain people to certain websites, if necessary.

Transparent Billing This IDX system is completely transparent and you have access to all your transactions, invoices, billing info, and accounts from a single place, anywhere, anytime. Feel free to use this IDX system to access articles and videos which provide useful information and learn how every product and tool works.

They coded the platform correctly, allowing it to load quickly, engage users and keep up with the latest SEO trends. As a result, Showcase IDX is ideal for novice users because it prevents them from making critical mistakes while remaining an ideal and powerful tool in the hands of professional real estate agents. Solid, Fast Architecture Speed is very important in this day and age.

Certain fields need to remain unchanged for identifying purposes, but the URL of the listing can be fully adjusted according to your needs. Deep Integration This platform is totally compatible with WordPress and the indexable information of the listing will be displayed as an actual part of the web page.

No Subdomains It is not a good idea to put your search on a different subdomain which is separated from the actual website you use. Showcase IDX plugin fully integrated with the web pages and posts of your real estate website. Registration Options Forced or open? One of the best ways you can surpass your competitors in the real estate business is to engage customers and provide them with an excellent user experience, so they want to sign up to your website. Showcase IDX is the best IDX for real estate agents because it aims to provide real value which will eventually get customers more interested in your website, sign up, use the tools provided and then buy more homes.

Forced registration sounds good in theory, but it is not a good idea in practice. Showcase IDX plugin avoids it by creating a couple of registration options you can choose from and provide them to your website users, depending on your preferences. The user has the ability to skip the registration process if he wants and continue looking for houses, but eventually, he will sign up. Forced Registration This option is limiting how many listings a viewer can see on your website and forces a registration process when this limit has been reached.

Because Showcase IDX plugin is one of the best IDX for real estate agents, users will quickly discover how valuable your site is and they will want to sign up. Search Results Lock This is a premium feature which basically limits the number of results pages a user can see before he is required to register on your website. Premium Listing Content Another Premium feature, it basically blurs important details such as neighborhood info and demographic info on certain listings until the user is registered and signed up to your site.

Phone Field This allows you to add a phone number field to the registration process and decide whether this field is optional or required, depending on your needs. Change Options Anytime Showcase IDX plugin is one of the best IDX for real estate agents because it gives you the opportunity to fine-tune and adjust the settings of your website until you have found the winning combination. Location Filtering You have the possibility to show specific listings from certain locations based on zip code, county, subdivision, building, etc and you even have the possibility to exclude certain listings.

Minimum Price Filters Some real estate agents work only with luxurious homes and for that reason, you can eliminate low-priced properties from the searches performed by consumers. Maximum Price Filters In a similar fashion, Showcase IDX is the best IDX solution for Realtors because it also allows you to create a price ceiling, displaying only properties which fall within that price range.

Listing Type Filters You also have the possibility to display certain listings to your consumers and eliminate ones which you might not be interested in such as foreclosure listings. Property Type Filter You have complete control over what types of properties are displayed on your searches, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Hide Advanced Search This is a Premium feature which basically allows users to perform simple searches without using advanced tools.

The function disables advanced search options for certain customers. This premium tool basically disables virtual tours which might take potential leads away.

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