Habitify Habit Tracker v11.0 APK + MOD (Pro Features Unlocked) Download

The human self is always in control of many things in everyday life, but many people will still forget everything when focusing on the problem. Thus, many applications track users’ daily activities, helping them capture specific time spent on many personal activities. This article introduces Habitify, a tool and a trusted friend, ready to accompany users and remind their daily routine. With this application, users will not forget important activities, and they can also use it as a reminder for future jobs or events.

Habitify Habit Tracker Habitify Habit Tracker


Habitify focuses on reminding users of all the regular daily activities, but it still focuses on developing a user-friendly interface and giving players a welcoming feel. Furthermore, its layout is elegant and exquisite, demonstrating professionalism and devotion to users, ready to assist them with all necessary functions or tools. The app itself is easy to interact with and offers many useful features, making it easier and more convenient to organize daily routines. Users can also customize and personalize the interface and change with many different styles to create a unique beauty for the interface.


The main use of Habitify is to help users build a daily and weekly routine list. Also, that application is suitable for building work schedules for everything in the day or the future. In it, everyone’s habits are different, and many people regularly build a perfect schedule in mind and automatically execute them when the time is right. The routine schedule building function in this app is simple, and users can use text, pictures, or videos to insert content. After they have the content, they will set the necessary timer for each activity, and the app will automatically ring or remind the user continuously with different actions.

Habitify Habit Tracker Habitify Habit Tracker


The customization of the application schedule is extensive and varied, comes with many valuable functions so that users are always informed about habits. Users can set the number of notifications for each activity, alarm time, and alarm method. Each notification type has a different performance, and users can design their special announcements with stunning effects, making it easier for them to remember the habit automatically in mind. Also, users can turn on the voice notification feature, a valuable function for those unavailable. Habitify’s notification customization options are superior and user-friendly, always on hand, and ready to remind users of everything anytime, anywhere.


Habitify is a cross-platform application so that users can sync with it across many different devices for continuous and free-of-charge reminders. That synchronization allows the app to work on PCs, mobile phones, smartwatches, and smart devices around the user. With that functionality, users will not need to worry about carrying the device around 24/7 and always receive friendly reminders coming from the app. Furthermore, the app will automatically sync any changes on any device to other devices, which will save users time editing everything.


Besides the reminder, the user can add notes to daily schedules and feel free to move them for a stable list. Habitify’s take note function is advanced, combined with absolute flexibility for users to quickly save what is needed. Users can use keyboards, pictures, and videos to take notes and useful reminders on special content. If the user doesn’t have time to sort notes, the app will automatically list them at the homepage and top priority, prompting users to sort the notes if needed manually.


Habitify has been developed to cater to all activities and in helping users build daily routines. But it has the feature to proactively remind users what they need for life and keep track of each person’s performance monthly. All of these functions make the application more user-friendly, and at the same time, constantly remind users to drink water regularly for good health. While many features can be redundant, the app personalizer allows users to enable or disable any notification they want and personalize the app with their style.

Many people often have the bad habit of forgetting everything necessary when focusing on one thing or not remembering everything. Therefore, Habitify is an essential and valuable application for many people, as it comes with a flexible and intelligent notifier, helping users capture all the necessary work in life. The application’s possibilities are unsurpassed and endless and deserve to be useful for everyone in reminding all important activities.