Hanzii v2.7.2 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download

Today, to get a high-paying job, learning a second language is popular with everyone. Therefore, for the convenience of learning and working of many people, many learning applications on mobile were developed. Hanzii is a fully-featured intelligent Chinese translator that helps you translate English into Chinese or translate Chinese to English more easily with handwriting recognition, pictures, voice. In addition, this is a useful application where you can easily look up Chinese words or Chinese grammar. Perhaps this application is the tool that many Chinese students or those who are learning more Chinese are looking for.


Hanzii is an accurate Sino-Vietnamese translation app in many different ways. You can look up words and translate Chinese offline with handwriting recognition to look up the incorrect characters by drawing them on the screen and then the app will translate the exact Chinese word you need to search. Especially, when there is no network connection, you can still use this application for voice interpretation and the device will record your voice and translate it into English.

In addition to handwriting and voice recognition, the application also supports image translation. You will experience OCR technology, which is an optical character recognition tool that helps you translate Chinese characters in images you upload from your gallery or take photos directly. Any image is horizontal or vertical, the application can translate, but provided the image is clear, otherwise, the app will translate the wrong word.


Hanzii is a repository of Chinese words with smart voice search, pictures, and hand drawing. If you do not know any vocabulary, just type the Chinese pinyin into the word checkup, the application will provide you with Chinese characters, how to write words, examples, and detailed explanations of that word. In particular, the Chinese dictionary supports looking up pictures with clear descriptions of each vocabulary, helping us to remember longer.

In addition to the above functions, the application also has an example lookup function, if you type in any Chinese language, the application will display many examples of words to help you understand. Examples include displaying everyday sentence patterns and sentence patterns from simple to complex. The app also assists you in your grammar lookup, it synthesizes all A1-C1 levels with 500 different grammar patterns with specific explanations.


Hanzii is a 2-way translation tool from Chinese to English and vice versa from English to Chinese, which helps a lot for learners. With the app’s voice, handwriting, and camera technology to help you translate faster and easier. In addition, the application also allows translating long paragraphs and dialogues from many different languages, so learners will no longer have difficulty learning Chinese. You should also not be afraid that the application will not have some strange vocabulary because the application’s translation will be updated regularly.

With this smart and convenient application, you can create your own vocabulary storage notebook on the app itself. For each word, you can learn more about the meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, writing methods, even create flashcards to review vocabulary. Flashcard sequence will help you practice and remember vocabulary faster and longer. In particular, the application helps you quickly lookup when exiting the application and synthesize the grammar that needs attention.


Other Chinese learning apps can also translate with pictures and text but the internet is required, but the Hanzii app can recognize handwriting offline. This is a great enhancement of the application that you can use when the internet is not available. Chinese Vietnamese dictionary is also in offline mode, so users can use it to look up anytime, anywhere. The application has the function of syncing and storing on multiple devices with the account and password you registered.

The application has many outstanding advantages that surely every user will love it is the application completely free and completely removed ads to not inconvenience users while learning. Moreover, the application’s interface is simple, convenient, and looks very nice, making learners more interested in learning. To translate paragraphs, other applications take a long time, but with this application, its translation speed is very fast and smooth.

Hanzii is an application used by a lot of people on mobile devices, with intelligent language and search tools becoming an essential product for those who are learning Chinese from beginner to advanced.