Hibernator v2.21.0 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked) Download for Android

The smartphone has become one of the most important devices to everyone in modern times, as it gives them all the usefulness features into their hands. However, the more modern the device is, the harder it is to manage, and users always want their device to have the longest possible lifespan. The source of the reduced lifespan are apps that run in the background 24/7 without being disabled by the user. They are constantly running, consuming the device’s battery, and even reducing the user’s working performance. But with the appearance of Hibernator, things get better, as it helps users to disable applications running in the background automatically. Of course, it also helps the device’s lifespan be extended as much as possible, even improving the user’s working performance.

Hibernator (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***


Hibernator is an application that helps the user’s device to be optimized with just one tap so that it will have a friendly, perfect, friendly interface, and comfortable for users. Through a well-organized interface layout, users will easily monitor the device status, background applications and access the app’s features. At the home screen will be the main features of the application, helping users to optimize the device with various options, as well as comes with many functions for users to personalize. Furthermore, through the application settings, users can personalize the device, layout, functions, and more of “Hibernator” for the best user experience.


Most users often do not notice the applications running in the background, and even they are not displayed in the list of applications. Therefore, the device’s performance is reduced compared to the original, causing the device to heat up and process slower. Although it is only a small detail, users will feel uncomfortable but do not know how to fix it. But with the app’s Hibernate feature, the user’s device will be optimized as perfectly as possible. With a simple tap at the home screen, hibernation will be in progress; it will disable all applications running in the background, even delete all user notifications. Underground apps usually consume a decent amount of battery and performance. Still, when disabled, everything should be fine, and even the user’s RAM and physical memory will be freed up, causing the device to turn back to normal, and the service life of the device is extended.

Hibernator (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***


Hibernator is not only an application that helps the user to shut down all applications running in the background, but it can also help the user’s device performance greatly excited. It can be said that this application will help the user’s applications or games become smoother and reduce the amount of battery consumption. However, the user needs to open those apps or games through Hibernator, and that app will have a separate category that shows all of the user’s apps and games. While the performance boost is active, all device brightness, background applications, and games will be thoroughly optimized, so the user’s device will operate smoothly.


If the user feels complicated and is not familiar with “Hibernator,” the application will introduce the auto-hibernation feature to the user. It’s a feature that automatically disables everything, like apps, games, and other software running in the background after the user locks the screen. Users can even set timers so that the app will automatically start the hibernate process, and even more, a cycle can be made. However, the application only disables applications that the user has not used for the most recent time, so the user’s game or work in progress will not be disabled. Of course, users can remove the apps they need from the disabling process to retain work or avoid losing progress.

Hibernator (MOD, PRO Unlocked) ***


You don’t want to disable all the apps running in the background, but want to remove some apps or processes? Then “Hibernator” will introduce the Task Killer feature to you. It’s a useful feature for you to get rid of active apps or processes, whether running in the background or not. Furthermore, it would also prevent them from being activated automatically. However, you do need to pay attention to a few details, because many processes can be related to the applications you are working or using.


The battery is one of the most important physical parts of the application, so “Hibernator” will provide users with many useful features and instructions for users to preserve their batteries effectively. Furthermore, when battery saver status is activated, screen brightness and features are optimized, and battery life will be extended as much as possible. Applications will have a separate category to display the apps that are consuming battery in a long time, and users can easily disable them with a simple tap.

Hibernator is an application that helps users to preserve the device and prolong the battery life as long as possible. Furthermore, it has a well-designed interface and comes with many useful features for the user to manage applications most efficiently.