Home Designer Decorating Games v2.16.1 MOD APK (Free Purchase) Download

Home Designer Decorating Games is the empire for your interior design passion while providing an extremely creative play space. You are immersed in the interior system, layout, and arrangement of them so that they are both reasonable and beautiful to use. Please promote your creativity to be able to bring satisfaction and satisfaction to customers. To collect unique furniture, you must quickly solve the fun puzzles we bring.

Home Designer Decorating Games


Many players enjoy the interior design adventure until the last moment when every month or when preparing for anniversaries and festivals, Home Designer Decorating Games will release the latest updated versions in the color characteristic of the festival. Mentioning here, how can you forget the Halloween version with the experience of designing a room with a festive atmosphere with pumpkins and warm tones. In particular, the time you design is also limited, increasing the difficulty.

Home Designer Decorating Games


Not only that, but we also give players an unforgettable experience with their friends. This will be an opportunity for players to showcase their talents through rooms filled with interiors. You will compete with your friends in a contest organized by Home Designer Decorating Games themselves. After completing, please send your design directly to us to receive the most attractive prices.


This game will increase in difficulty when the player passes simple levels for you to gradually get used to the gameplay of Home Designer Decorating Games. When you go to high levels, you will be immersed in a puzzle game with many ways to solve and how to arrange to find the answer. Every day with this unique, free game is a brand new quest waiting for you to explore and conquer.

Home Designer Decorating Games


When arriving in this world, the player transforms into the famous interior designer Hazel. Dream homes now have the opportunity to become a reality quickly with one tap. Are you a perfect home renovator with styles ranging from rustic to modern, from shabby to industrial? Even if you don’t have any design expertise, we’ll help you with tips and instructional videos on using the toolbar.


Customers come to you and make requests for rooms in the house from the dining room, kitchen, living room, etc. All are waiting for your creative hands and head to conquer and bring—a complete makeover. Do everything; try many styles with endless creativity to please your beloved customers. They will pay you good reviews, cash, or rewards to keep adding to your unique furniture collection.

Home Designer Decorating Games


Each level with each customer will bring you a lot of experience and magical soft skills. Behind it are exciting and meaningful stories in each table, chair, light bulb… The POWER-UP animations make players addicted to hundreds of puzzle games that make anyone want to. To find out if you are capable in interior design, start with Home Designer Decorating Games; this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity just for you.