How do i download windows 8 1

How-to FAQ Version history How-to First you need to download the installer the link is on the top right of this page and open it. This window will appear: Click on Install. And here you click on Yes. After a while it can take some minutes the installer will be complete and you need to click on Finish.

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how do i download windows 8 1

How-to FAQ Version history How-to First you need to download the installer the link is on the top right of this page and open it. This window will appear: Click on Install. And here you click on Yes. After a while it can take some minutes the installer will be complete and you need to click on Finish. These three default gadgets will appear on the right side. Click on the plus symbol on the top right to see all available gadgets. Here you can add a gadget to your desktop by double-clicking on it.

If you move your cursor above a gadget you can drag it around your desktop. It doesn’t need to stay on the sidebar. There will also appear some buttons next to the gadget. Click on the X to close a gadget or on the wrench icon to access its options. The options of the clock gadget allow you to enable the second hand or to change the timezone. The next gadget is a clipboard manager. Here I copied the installer file and then the name of the file. Clipboarder will display everything you copy to the clipboard.

By clicking on an element you make it the current clipboard. This way you can select older clipboards and paste them into other applications.

You can also open a clipboard directly. The options of Clipboarder allow many possibilities. The options of the last gadget, the weather gadget, allow you to change the city. You can also right-click on the sidebar.

If you don’t like the sidebar you can close it there. You will still be able to use the gadgets. Click on options to change the behaviour of the sidebar. Here you can, for example, click on the first checkbox to make the sidebar always visible. This way you have your gadgets always in sight. A disadvantage is though, that the close button of maximized windows isn’t on the top-right corner anymore.

To fix this you can put the sidebar on the left side. Alternatively you can enable the second checkbox on the view tab. Here is a maximized video player and you can close it by using the X on the top-right of the screen. Of couse this will work for non-maximized windows as well. You can access some advanced options by right-clicking on the X. For example you can add a preview of the application to the sidebar. This way you can keep track of some applications on the side.

You can hover with your cursor over the preview to peek into the window, just like in the taskbar. Right-clicking on the preview gives you some options as well. There are several weather gadgets included. Right-click on a gadget allows you to change its opacity. You can also access some general options about gadgets by selecting 8GadgetPack Tools: FAQ Yes, completely I didn’t really use gadgets previously.

Is it really worth installing these? You should try it. The gadgets included are really useful when working with the PC. Unlike Metro-Apps gadgets can access useful system-information. The included Clipboard-Manager gadget for example will highly improve your productivity.

With the Sidebar gadget, you can make the gadgets visible while working with maximized windows. Monitoring network traffic, setting the volume with one click and having an analog clock visible all the time are things you don’t want to give up once you get used to it. Windows 10 updated and automatically uninstalled 8GadgetPack! Older versions of 8GadgetPack wern’t compatible. Just reinstall the current version and everything should work.

But I want to use it to access my gadgets! Version 15 and later lets you override the shortcut to use it for gadgets. You can control this option in the 8GadgetPack Tools menu. Some gadgets look very tiny, especially on screens with high resolutions. Can they be made bigger? Most gadgets that are included with 8GadgetPack should not have this issue because I adjusted them. Some gadgets however do not automatically scale with the DPI settings, which makes them to appear very small on certain monitors.

In case all gadgets appear to be small you can try to configure a custom scaling by using the registry files found in “C: Is this English-Only? The installer is available only in English, but many of the gadgets have many localizations. What are the requirements? Administrative rights are required to install. Does it work on Windows 7? Version 12 and higher can be installed even on Windows 7.

Windows 7 already does have gadgets by default, but this program gives you an easy way to install many high-quality gadgets. It can also bring the gadgets back in case they were disabled or uninstalled. In case you don’t like 8GadgetPack you can uninstall it and still use the gadgets provided by Windows 7. Why is there a sidebar?

Windows 7 didn’t have one. This is actually just a gadget to help you keeping the gadgets organized and visible. You can right-click on it and select “close sidebar” to do so. Even with the sidebar the gadgets can still be moved onto the desktop as you like.

This is especially useful when working with multiple monitors. You can also make the sidebar appear automatically when touching the border and customize its design. Right-click on it and select options to do so. Will 8GadgetPack install some crap on my PC? No, the installer will only install the original Microsoft files and set the neccessary registry entries to make the gadgets work again. The only addition is a small tool 8GadgetPack Tools which fixes several bugs and allows you to change various settings.

There is also an uninstaller included which removes everything the installer added. I could make quite some money by adding adware to the installer, but I’m sure you appreciate it that this installer is clean. Aren’t gadgets unsafe?

Afterall, didn’t Microsoft remove them for a reason? Gadgets can contain viruses like any other software. Despite the warning when installing a gadget people seemed to think that it is safe to run any gadget e. That is not the case. Opening a gadget is as dangerous as it is to run an.

But this is not a security hole. If an attacker wanted to access your computer, he’d need to convince you to open his prepared. As long as you trust the source of the gadgets you install and you use anti-virus software you should be safe.

Quote from Microsofts official statement to this: An attacker would have to convince a user to install and enable a vulnerable Gadget. How to fix this? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fix this issue. The bug occurs deep in the internet explorer rendering api and I wasn’t able to find a workaround.

Will I be able to install gadgets other than the ones included? Yes, when 8GadgetPack is installed you can open and install. But be careful, gadgets can contain, just like other programs, viruses or trojans.

Will all gadgets work that worked on Windows 7?

Available Downloads

Download Windows Pro ISO from their Official Microsoft website. Windows Pro ISO Download; 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars. You can download Windows 8 or instead of buying it on a disc. A Windows or 8 ISO download can be burned to a disc or copied to a.

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While we’re not going to write a guide on how to obtain Windows RTM from non-official sources, we will at least tell you to check the SHA If you want to download Windows Update 1 for free, ahead of its official launch on April 8, you’re.

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