How to find microsoft product key on computer

The best product key finders for Lose the key for your favorite software? These handy tools can find it for you Posted on April 2, 4: Fortunately, there are scores of product key finders that will scan your system and compile an extensive report of any keys they find. The best part? Oh, and try not to lose them this time around.

How to Find Microsoft Office Product Keys

how to find microsoft product key on computer

Admin Get help with product key errors on Office. Less If you get an error or have difficulty entering your Microsoft account or product key on https: I get an error when I enter my key Check this list of error messages for troubleshooting tips.

I get a language or geographical error This can happen if try to redeem a product key purchased in another country or region. What are the limits for Microsoft accounts? Read these tips if you have multiple product keys or a lot of devices. Product key errors on Office. This product key has already been used If you see this message, it’s because your product key has already been redeemed on this site. Here’s where you can enter those product keys.

For Office and Office for Mac go to Microsoft. For Office Business Premium, go to https: If you’re not sure what kind of product key you have, you can use the Virtual support agent English only.

If your product key is valid, the Virtual support agent provides a link to download Office. The Virtual support agent can also let you know if your product key has been blocked and can connect you to a live agent.

Examples of using the wrong product key Most Microsoft products use a character product key. Here are some common things that can happen: Using on Office for business product key These product keys are entered in a different location. For help, see Enter your product key for Office for business.

Using the product key provided by a school or organization If your school or organization has a volume license agreement for Office, then you are using a different version of Office that uses volume license keys. See Activate volume editions of Office for more information. Common ways people mistype the product key Reading the product key from a label can be difficult. Letters and numbers may look the same.

The letter B and the number 8. The letter G and the number 6. The letter O and the number 0. The letter Q and the number 0. If you bought Office from an online retailer and received a confirmation email, try copying and pasting the product key from this email instead of typing it. The product key must be activated by the retailer before you can use it. To resolve the issue, go back to the store where you purchased Office and have them activate the product key.

Your Microsoft account can have only one Office for home subscription associated with it. If you use the same Microsoft account to buy or redeem multiple Office subscriptions, you extend the amount of time for your subscription, up to a maximum of 5 years. This doesn’t increase the number of Office devices you can be signed in to or increase the amount of online storage that’s available with the subscription.

For more information, see What happens if I add another Office for home subscription plan to my account? Sorry, we can’t set up your account right now. You have reached the maximum number of Office products that can be associated to your Microsoft account You can redeem up to 30 one-time purchases of Office , , or Office on the same Microsoft account.

To redeem additional products, you’ll need to create another Microsoft account. For more help, see Getting maximum number error when you try to redeem Office?

This does not apply to Office subscriptions. I get an error that JavaScript is required to complete the activation process After you enter a valid product key, the Next button should be enabled. However, if JavaScript isn’t enabled in our browser, the Next button won’t work. If you’re using an iPad, you must use another device to redeem your product key because JavaScript isn’t supported on iPads.

My web browser is blocking cookies Here’s how to enable cookies if your browser is blocking them: Edge Windows 10 In the Edge window, select More Select OK. In a Chrome window, do one of the following: In the browser address box, enter chrome: In the Content settings dialog box, under Cookies, make sure Allow local data to be set recommended is selected.

Select Done and refresh the browser. Select the Privacy tab. In the History section under Firefox will, select Use custom settings for history. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked and Accept third party cookies is set to Always, and then select OK. Under Cookies and website data, select Always allow.

Select Close and refresh the browser. Problems with language or geographical issues Here are the common errors and how to fix them.

My country or region isn’t listed After you enter your product key, your current country or region might not appear in the list, or the website language might change. This can happen if you buy your product key in a different country or region than where you redeem it. Your product key is only valid for the countries or regions listed. If you need assistance, contact Microsoft support. I get the error “This product key isn’t meant for your region” If you get this message, this means that your product key was purchased in a different country or region than where you’re currently located.

Office product keys must be redeemed in the country or region where they are purchased. Please try to redeem your product key at https: If that doesn’t work, please contact Microsoft support. Microsoft account limits for Office The redemption process on https: Here are some important limits regarding your Microsoft account.

If you have Office Home and you need to support more than 6 people on your subscription, we recommend purchasing an Office business subscription or volume license products of Office instead. You can redeem up to 30 one-time purchases of Office , Office , or Office on the same Microsoft account. If you’d like to purchase more than 30 copies of Office for work, we recommend purchasing an Office business subscription or volume license products of Office instead.

Get support.

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Instructions on how to find your lost Microsoft Office product key. Office or product key is stored on your computer, making a. Learn about how to find your product key to activate Windows, and when you’ll The product key is preinstalled on your PC, included with the.

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We’re not really sure why Microsoft went to great lengths to make it If your PC uses this, the product key on your PC–the one stored in the. If you bought Office from an online store and downloaded it to your computer, you should find the full digit.

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